How to Get Free Stuff Online! (The Secret is Out!)

How to Get Free Samples

Two Methods:

Many companies offer free samples to get potential customers interested in the product, or to acquire emails and other contact information to use for advertising purposes. Before you begin requesting enough free samples to fill your house, take some time to learn how to protect yourself from scams, spam, and junk mail.


How to Get Free Samples Online

  1. Search websites dedicated to advertising free samples.There are a number of good freebie sites out there that exist to spread the word about free stuff. Sometimes, the site may have you watch an advertisement, enter your email, or fill out a survey before you can place an order for the free sample, or download a coupon for a free sample.
    • Try , , , or .
    • Most of these sites collect links from other companies and organizations. Donotassume that all of the deals listed on a site are from trustworthy sources.
  2. Make an email account to sign up for offers.Unless you want to deal with thousands of spam emails, create a free email account to use only for free sample signups. You may still need to check this account occasionally to confirm free sample shipments, which is why you should enter a real email address, but this step will make the influx of advertisements much easier to deal with.
  3. Learn to identify false offers.Think about the offer from the company's point of view, and you might quickly figure out that it can't be real. Legitimate companies give out small samples only so you'll buy more later, or recommend them to friends. A "guaranteed" iPad, car, or other expensive item – or even a lottery ticket with a chance of winning one – is likely to be a scam, trying to get your personal information for spam or identity theft purposes.
  4. Be cautious when entering personal information.Websites offering for a free sample often ask fora lotof information, as they want to be able to send you advertisements or even attempt identity theft. The only information a company needs to put a sample in your mailbox is your name and address. If it asks for your phone number, consider entering an old one you no longer check. You may use a real one so the company can contact you in case of shipping problems, but be prepared to receive many offers from the company, or even more dangerous spam and phishing attacks.
    • Never enter your credit card information, social security number, bank account information, or other information that compromises your security. The risk of identity theft is not worth the free sample.
  5. Make a note of limited-time offers.Many offers, especially those on Facebook and other social media, apply only to the first people to "like" a new page or enter the contest. If you want to have a chance at this, be at a computer and logged into Facebook at least a few minutes before the offer begins.

How to Get Free Sample in Person

  1. Learn which chain stores offer free samples.Trader Joe's and Costco offer free food samples, while Sam's Club and Walmart offer samples of a variety of products. At these locations, the free samples are typically set on their own tables, and a staff member will be standing there to offer them to you.
  2. Browse locations with many stalls or shops.If none of the chains above are nearby or have what you're interested in, your best bet at finding "official" free samples is an area where many different stalls are trying to compete for customers. Try a local fair or farmer's market. If none of these are happening soon, spend some time at a mall.
    • Look on the website or bulletin board for community centers and other buildings that are often rented out for events. If you're lucky, there might be an upcoming event where caterers, florists, and other vendors display samples for people planning upcoming events.
  3. Befriend the salesperson.If there are no free samples officially offered, you can still ask for one. You'll be most successful if you start a conversation with the salesperson first, perhaps by asking how his shift is going or whether he likes working in this store. Stay friendly and smile, and ask for a sample if he smiles back and seems to enjoy the conversation.
    • Don't try this if there are people waiting in line behind you.
    • If he says no, accept it and move on.
  4. Act interested in the product.Spend some time looking at a product before asking for a free sample, or asking questions about it. If you look interested, the salesperson may offer you a free sample to help you make up your mind.
    • If you stick around for the free sample, then leave immediately, you'll probably irritate the salesperson. This could affect the quality of service you get if you visit the store again.
  5. Look for birthday freebies.Many restaurants, and some other locations, will give you free bonuses on your birthday. Usually, you'll have to be a paying customer already, but you can get plenty of value and enjoyment out of the free dessert, free drink, or other bonus.

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  • When there's a Facebook offer, open up one browser tab with the advertisement's page and one browser tab with the company's original Facebook page. In order to enter the contest, you may need to return to the company's page to "like" it or post on it.


  • Entering your credit card information for a free sample is never recommended. Even if you are certain it is a legitimate website, and you enter your credit card information for a free trial, remember that most companies will charge your credit card as an ordinary paying customer's after your trial ends, unless you cancel the account during the trial.

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