How to get away from my wife?

Family life is a complex and delicate matter. After all, in fact, we met two people who, in fact, had different perceptions of life positions, a different level of thinking, different life values ​​and goals. During the meeting period, unfortunately, this is not so noticeable, but when there is already a full-fledged family, it turns out that it is very, very difficult to adapt to each other. The main goal of the newlyweds is to immediately try to find mutual understanding, some succeed, others do not.

For each woman, a romantic relationship takes place in different ways, and at one fine moment they may even end. A man collects things and leaves. Of course, before you commit such an act, many men think about how to get away from his wife, without causing her pain. Many women are sure that this is not exactly the case, and if they are still in love, they simply do not see what changes have taken place in the life of a loved one. And if the husband declares: “I want to leave my wife,” there are reasons for this. But if all the same the decision is made, it is necessary to make it as it is possible more tactfully.

How to part

  • Think again about your decision. Take a piece of paper and write about why you decided to do it. Remember, when you made the decision to marry this woman, for some reason you did it. What happened, changed attitude to her? Or you, therefore, want her to give the opportunity to change their attitude towards you. And if you are firm in your decision, it means you have to prepare for parting, because such a relationship cannot have a future.
  • Try to tactfully talk with your wife and tell her that you are tired and would like to relax from each other, mark the period, for example, half a year. Also tell her that all this time you will be helping materially and morally. It does not hurt her self-love so much. The woman in this case will accept such news less painful. At the same time, it is necessary to talk about this firmly, and that this is not being discussed. And after a while, if your decision does not change, ask her to leave everything as it is. After all, a woman will also have time to rethink everything, and then your relationship can move to another level. Everyone will live their lives.
  • If you increasingly began to have a thought: how to leave your wife, you need to be able to talk to her correctly and tactfully. Psychologists recommend talking about it in neutral territory.We must stock up on good arguments and be prepared for any reaction of the wife. After all, who else but you knows your wife better than anyone? Her reaction can also be predictable, so you need to prepare very carefully for such a conversation.
  • If a man has decided to leave a pregnant wife, then this situation is not easy to resolve. First you need to think it over well. After all, having decided to have a baby, you were happy, imagine this innocent kid, maybe you will change your mind. But if you do not even allow such thoughts, tell her about it honestly and directly. Assure her that you will not leave her alone and you will constantly help, but do not leave her hope. Conduct the conversation correctly and benevolently, do not try to evoke a sense of guilt in yourself, try to maintain friendly relations. Everyone has the right to make his decision.

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