How to flirt with a man

How to flirt with a manHow to flirt with a man? Not long ago, Stacy and Gretchen, good friends, went to a party where there were a lot of bachelors. Stacy is married, and Gretchen is not. On the road, Gretchen buzzed Stacy with all her ears about how unsettled her personal life was. She complained that "there are no normal men around," that "men are only interested in model models," and so on and so forth. When they got to the place, Stacey got into the bone with the problems of Gretchen.


At the celebration, the friends stayed together - they communicated with different people, welcomed old acquaintances and enjoyed themselves in every way. Stacy made some interesting observations. The bachelors who came in the evening flashed here and there, talking to one woman, then to another. She, too, was not ignored. Stacy was very pleased:


“Men are so sweet,” she told me later. "It's a pity my dates are over!" Of course, I am joking, but sometimes I really miss dating and socializing with new men.It's so cool! However, I'm on the other. I'm confused: I do not know what to do with Gretchen. I understood what her problem was. The point is not that there are no normal men around. Yesterday I met very nice guys. I watched Gretchen - she did not push away men, did not behave in isolation, but she - how shall I put it? - was closed for men. She was afraid to meet with men gaze. In place of men, I would have decided that they were not interested in her. What should I tell her? I have such advice in the language: “If you want to be invited to a date, make it visible. And it's completely incomprehensible, you're ready to get acquainted with a man or not. "


How to prompt Gretchen that you do not need to be so inaccessible? She needs to learn a little flirt. How to flirt with a man? I always thought that a moderate share of coquetry goes to a woman.

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