How to fix the tap

There are several types:

  • ball valve;

  • clamping crane;

  • disk and clutch valve with built-in cartridge instead of gasket.

The ball valve is equipped with a round ring with a lever on the handle, which is attached to the crane with the help of a landing screw. Under the disc is a round cap. Inside the tap itself is a plastic or metal ball.
To fix the crane of this type, you must remove the screw from the handle with a key. Then you need to tighten the adjusting ring. After that, install the handle and check whether the tap is flowing or not.
If the valve is still leaking, unscrew the cap and fully disassemble the valve: pull out the copier, the O-ring and the rotating ball, and then remove the springs and valve seats with a screwdriver.
Now tighten the upper gander, scrolling around its axis. Then a complete replacement is carried out: rings, springs, a gusk, holes for a valve, a ball, an o-ring and a copier. After that the crane can be assembled.
To fix the break in the pressure valve, you first need to disassemble it: remove the handles and the reinforcement cap and pull out the sleeve that has the stem.Then the stem gasket and the circular disc are replaced. The rod is lubricated with a heat resistant lubricant. After this treatment, the crane must be assembled.
Elimination of the breakage of a crane with a cartridge can only be done by replacing the cartridge itself.
Adjustment of the work of a disk crane or crane with a cartridge is carried out in a clearly defined sequence. First, the index cap is removed with a screwdriver, the screw is reversed, and the tap handle is removed. Then you need to unscrew the adjusting screw and remove the insert in the handle. Then the cover on the case is removed. Next, unscrew the screws that secure the cartridge, replacing the cartridge with a new one. After that the crane can be assembled.
To repair the coupling valve, it is necessary to remove the index cap and unscrew the screw. Further the lever rises up and the handle is removed.

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