How to find out the maiden name

Write down all the data that you do not have at this time. It will be good if you know one or several addresses of residence of the person you are interested in.
Contact the housing office in order to clarify the registration of the person you need or change the place of registration. If the registration is known from the very beginning, then you can bypass this item and go to the registry office.
In the archives of the registry office to find an entry in the book of the registration of divorce proceedings. If during the stay the address has changed, then you can either make a request to the registry office or ATC of the city of interest, or you can independently go to the desired area.
If as a result of the search it turns out that the woman changedlast nameseveral times, in each case, check through the housing office or the passport office of the place of its registration.
Remember that the registration does not always coincide with the place of actual stay. In this case, check with the Department of Internal Affairs the absence or presence of criminal or administrative liability, or simply find out if she was involved in any cases.This will help to clarify her place of residence at that moment.
Taking into account the fact that the archives of such institutions store data without a statute of limitations, it may not be necessary to go through this entire route.
If you live in a small town, involve relatives, acquaintances, neighbors. The wider your network of dating, the easier it is to find the data on the right person.

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