How to find a sister

Search for sister through the Internet

Find your sister by name, surname and patronymic, unless, of course, you are sure that they have not changed. This can be done, for example, through Internet search engines, by entering all known data. Try different variations with the date of birth, age, last known place of study or work sister. All this will help to make search results more accurate, and, if lucky, you will find out where your relative is now.
Use social networks. The search process for them is almost the same as the above, except that the well-known data will need to be entered in special fields. At the same time, users of social networks set their own photos as an avatar, which will help you recognize your sister among a large number of people matching the description. If you have common relatives, friends or colleagues registered on this social network, try to write to them and try to clarify the situation. Also, without fail, call all people close to you and your sister whose contacts you have.

Other search methods

Place an ad about finding a missing sister on your social network page. You can also do this on special sites. Pay special attention to your urban resources. In addition, you can place an ad in local newspapers, post them around the city, order an ad on the radio, etc., if, for example, your sister is lost in your locality or area.
Report a missing person to the police. It is allowed to do this 48 hours after the loss. After that, law enforcement agencies will ask you about the special signs of the sister's appearance, about the circumstances under which she disappeared, who may be associated with her, etc. In the future, you will be notified of how the search is progressing.
Visit your own places of study or sister's work, if you know them, as well as any other places where she could appear - hospitals, sports centers, etc. Print a high-quality photo of a relative and show it to people who could see her. If you lost contact with your sister a long time ago, and you have no idea where she may be, turn to the TV show “Wait for me”. You can place an application for missing a person on the official website of the program by filling out the proposed form. Search results will be announced later.

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