How to equip a balcony: 7 interesting ideas


Balcony - workplace

If you put a small computer desk with a laptop, or a chair with a small rack, you can end up with an excellent alternative to your office for work. Here, if you wish, you can retire and start working, or on the contrary, relax in a company with a useful and interesting book.

Balcony - children's area

If the workplace is already there, why not bring some joy to the kids and not make a playroom out of the balcony? To do this, you need to lay a warmed carpet, preferably with a fluffy pile, and also place toys and put a soft chair without a frame. The child will be very happy with such a room, especially if it is located on the sunny side.

Balcony - dining room

If the balcony is adjacent to the kitchen, then you can increase the space by creating a mini-dining room. To do this, put a small table and chairs. In the summer, such a simple dining area will be indispensable.

Balcony - a corner for creativity

A small corner for creativity is an indispensable gift and a great place for those who create and create. In order to arrange a creative corner, you can take a comfortable chair, locker and bedside table. Still, if the industry requires it, you need to place a synthesizer, easel, puzzles or other items for creativity.

Balcony - lounge area

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to use a balcony is to create a seating area. All you need is to put a table or a small sofa. Or, alternatively, you can simply lay the floor cushions. You can also place plants for more comfort.

Balcony - Library

Well, everything is simple - just put a chair or sofa on the balcony, and also place several shelves with books there. In addition to reading here you can also air your head and breathe fresh air.

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