How to enlarge breasts, breast size

How to increase breasts, breast size photo

How to enlarge breasts, breast size

How to increase breasts?



The issue of breast augmentation is of great concern not only for teenagers, but also for adult women who are not entirely satisfied with the size of their breasts. Many women believe that they have an unattractive small breasts and they are able to arouse men, which is why they are not popular among the opposite sex. Of course, girls with big breasts of the fourth and fifth size attract men’s looks, but do you really want everyone to stare at you? Small breasts bring quite a lot of inconvenience, as it is constantly necessary to wear bras with foam lining. Therefore, a way out was found of this rather difficult situation - after all, today there are several ways to increase breast size.


Creams that help enlarge breasts



First of all, you need to decide what you want to get as a result - you want a sexually raised bulky chest that is rather elastic and beautifully rounded.Today, there are special creams, as well as capsules with dietary supplements that provide breast augmentation. In the west, QUICK BUST PILLS capsules, which include 13 components that have a direct effect on breast growth, are quite popular. This drug is among the non-hormonal, so you should not worry that after taking the drug you will get very well. Manufacturers of these drugs claim that they contain unique components that have a direct impact on the growth of the mammary glands. 90 capsules or one vial has a cost of $ 29. The duration of capsules varies from three to six months. From taking these, as well as capsules similar in composition, the desired effect appears, but the main disadvantage of this method is that only a temporary effect appears. After completing the medication, the breasts, which slightly increased in size, will return to their original volumes.


In order to consolidate the result, the manufacturers of these drugs are also recommended to use in parallel a special cream BioBustCream, the cost of which ranges from 29 to 33 dollars.All the effect of this cream is based on the phytoestrogen preparation, which is part of the cream. This substance can accelerate the growth of the breast and it begins to slightly swell, but it must be remembered that a positive result can be achieved only with the regular use of the cream. As soon as you stop using it, your chest will return to its original size. Today there is a fairly large number of different creams and preparations for breast augmentation, but what effect they have on it is almost impossible to say. Therefore, it is necessary to select a means by the method of samples.


Breast augmentation with hardware




There is also a mechanical method of breast augmentation. Due to the rapid development of modern technology, today there are special devices that contribute to breast augmentation. Such an apparatus consists of a cup or funnel for the breast and a special pump. In this cup you need to put the breast, and using a pump to create a vacuum in this cup. What power vacuum will be able to regulate on its own.It is a little unlikely that the manufacturers of these devices claim that due to the regular use of vacuum, the growth of new breast cells is possible. It is only possible to get pleasant sensations from such a massage, but no miracle will happen. If you used to use a breast pump, then you can imagine how this device will work.


Folk remedies for breast augmentation



The effectiveness of such funds will depend directly on the individual characteristics of the female body.
Today there is a fairly large number of a variety of folk remedies for breast augmentation. The first place in this list is taken by cabbage, while it is asserted that due to the regular use of cabbage, breast growth is stimulated. But scientists unanimously assert that such an effect is possible only during puberty. But for adult women, this method will not work.

It is also recommended to make special iodine nets, you can try to put mustard plaster. Due to the influence of iodine and mustard, there is an increase in blood flow, which can promote breast enlargement.But such methods should be used very carefully, as it is possible to get a serious burn.

There is another folk remedy - this is the regular eating of raw dough. No research scientists have proven the effectiveness of this tool. But if you eat a lot of raw dough, then as a result you can get quite serious problems with digestion, and after that you hardly want to have a big bust and put some experiments on your body.

Also, many recommend such a folk remedy - in the pharmacy you need to buy hop cones (dry). A glass of boiling water should be filled with exactly one tablespoon of dry cones and poured into a thermos, then close the lid and leave for six to eight hours. Take this tool should be half a glass three times during the day, but before you start eating. This method has both positive and negative reviews, so everything will depend on the individual characteristics of your body.

Breast augmentation with plastic breast



Today, the most effective method of breast augmentation is plastic surgery, since only surgeons can give a guarantee that in a month your breast will not decrease in size again, since a special implant will be installed in the chest.


The patient must necessarily undergo a preliminary consultation, where you can see with the help of a computer what the result will be after the operation. There is a special program that, using a profile photo, it is possible to see the result after the operation. In order to avoid any complications during the operation, it is necessary to consult a mammologist and pass all the necessary tests.


What are the types of implants



During the operation, a special implant is inserted into the breast, and two main types of implants are used - gel and saline.

Silicone gel is very soft to the touch and resembles jelly. At the same time the gel does not flow, it is completely sterile and will not form folds, but such an implant will be much more expensive than an implant with saline. The implant has a small drop-shaped form, thanks to which the shape of even the flattest and smallest breasts improves. If the breast size is not very small, but it has a slightly sagging shape, then a specialist can suggest the use of an implant in the form of a hemisphere.


Implants that are teardrop-shaped are more modern and more expensive.More recently, completely smooth implants have been used, but today unique textured implants are beginning to be used, which are outwardly slightly rough and upon closer inspection it becomes clear that their surface is covered with a large number of micropores. Due to this surface, the implant is well retained in the breast tissue, almost completely becomes one with the breast tissue. The implant will be securely fixed and will not rotate and will not move from its place.


Saline is regularly used in medicine, while it is completely safe for human health. It can be said that this is a sterile solution of sodium chloride and common salt. Such an implant is very much like a small bag of water. Such an implant may form wrinkles, which may cause an ugly groove on the chest. The main advantage of this solution is its low cost. The total cost of the operation together with the implant will be about 5 thousand dollars, while the cost includes all necessary examinations.


How will the operation itself take place?



The operation takes place using general anesthesia. The implant itself is implanted under the lateral pectoral muscle or under the mammary gland itself and only the surgeon will decide how the implant will be placed. In this case, the implant will be securely covered with a layer of muscles, so it is almost impossible to probe.


A small incision is made in the fold under the breast, which can also be made around the areola of the nipple or in the armpit. The incision that is made along the areola of the nipple is almost impossible to see, since it is carried out on the pigmented tissue. In this case, the surgeon should be very cautious, as the risk of injury to the breast increases. Such a cut can be accompanied by one unpleasant consequence - a complete or partial loss of the sensitivity of the nipple is possible.


For the surgeon, the incision that is done in the crease under the breast is the most convenient, but this procedure is carried out if, together with the breast augmentation procedure, it is tightened. Such cuts heal fairly quickly, and six months after the completion of the operation, they become almost invisible.Implants will not interfere with the process of breastfeeding, nor will they enter breast milk.


Very small incisions are needed to install implants that have saline, unlike more expensive silicone implants. This phenomenon is due to the fact that during the operation, an empty implant is placed in the chest and then filled with a special solution by using a special valve that is on the implant. At what this procedure is spent in the postoperative period.


Postoperative period



If after the operation there are no complications, then the patient is discharged exactly three days later. The most severe are the first day after surgery. Even in spite of the fact that the patient received local anesthesia, after the completion of the action of the anesthetic, simply unbearable pain may appear. But every day the pain will subside and eventually disappear completely. Many patients as soon as possible want to sign out and go home, so if the doctors do not have any doubts about a successful operation, they will let the patient go home.In order to relieve pain as quickly as possible, doctors recommend wearing a special compression bra, which will reliably support the breast and prevent it from drooping.


Every day there is an increasingly rapid development of plastic surgery, new experience is gained and more modern technologies are emerging, and the likelihood of any complications after surgery is significantly reduced. But nevertheless, all the same, there is the likelihood of complications after surgery.


The most common complication is loss of nipple sensitivity, much less the greater part of the breast loses sensitivity, but eventually it can recover again. If the breast augmentation surgery failed, then hematomas or coarse scars may occur. But the percentage of complications is small, so do not be afraid, because there is a much greater chance that you will become a happy owner of a beautiful breast.

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