How to eliminate wrinkles at home


How to keep beauty and youth for a long time?

Preservation of beauty is a process that takes time and systematization. All necessary measures should be taken regularly.

skin aging defects

  1. The first thing you should pay attention to is nutrition. Products entering the body fill it with vitamins, trace elements, nutrients. All these components contribute to the normal functioning of the body as a whole. With proper nutrition, a person has enough energy, tissues are restored, all processes and mechanisms are working in the correct mode.
  2. Refusal to smoke and drink alcohol will help preserve smooth skin.
  3. The mobility of the facial muscles contributes to the appearance of wrinkles. Try to frown as little as possible eyebrows or forehead, use sunglasses, mimic wrinkles you do not need.
  4. Regular facial massage will help smooth out existing wrinkles, and prevent the appearance of new ones.Use the services of a qualified masseuse, or hold a session at home. Stroking, patting fingers, light wave-like massaging will help tighten the skin. You can use cream or oil, before the procedure, the skin should be cleaned.
  5. A good tool in the fight against wrinkles is daily gymnastics for the facial muscles, thanks to regular work on the muscles, they restore tone, become elastic and strong.
  6. The use of masks and creams gives an effective result when the wrinkles are not too deep. In the case of running changes you need to take a set of measures. Cleansing, nutrition, massage, gymnastics, a set of procedures that can protect your skin from wrinkles.
  7. Seriously it is necessary to treat the choice of cosmetics. Caring cosmetics should be suitable for skin type, decorative - to contain only natural ingredients, to be of high quality. The use of poor-quality decorative cosmetics can lead to the development of allergic reactions. Ultraviolet rays can adversely affect the skin, control of exposure to the sun is necessary.In the summer time you need to use protective creams.

how to eliminate wrinkles at home

Love yourself, regularly take care of yourself, try to get positive emotions, stick to a healthy lifestyle. These recommendations will help you maintain youth and inner balance.

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