How to eat to live long?

No one will argue with the fact that nutrition plays an important role in human life. But how to eat to live long? In order to feel good, have strength, vigor and energy for every day, you need to eat the right, healthy and fresh foods. The question is not how much is, and what. Modern ecology does not allow us to neglect the norms of nutrition. Recently, people have increasingly begun to think about how to eat, to live long and look young and attractive. You can eat properly and with health benefits, and how we will tell you right now.

Products that preserve youth

Many women in the pursuit of youth and beauty do plastic surgery, use incredibly expensive skin care products, forgetting that many products are true friends in the fight against aging. The following products are considered to be the best assistants in this business:

  1. Fish is an indispensable source of omega-3 fatty acids. This product is simply necessary for people who have daily work associated with increased brain activity.Fish strengthens the cardiovascular system and helps fight a variety of diseases. In the diet, fish dishes should be present at least 2 times a week.
  2. Ginger helps to speed up the metabolism, rejuvenates and cleanses the body. It is indispensable for anyone who seeks to lose weight and maintain a healthy figure. Ginger has a pleasant spicy and slightly tangy flavor. It combines equally well with meat and fish. It can also be used in small quantities as an additive to green tea or brewed ginger tea separately with the addition of honey.
  3. Green tea is a delicious and invigorating drink. It is able to slow down the aging process and cheer up much better than a cup of strong coffee.
  4. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which is deservedly called the vitamin of youth. Olive oil visibly rejuvenates the skin. It is not in vain that many creams, lotions and other body and hair care products are made on its basis.
  5. Cereals - a wonderful breakfast, contributing to the rejuvenation and healing of the body. Cereals contain a large amount of useful fiber. The use of cereals cleanses the body and improves metabolism.
  6. Nuts - from walnuts to almonds. All of them are a source of various vitamins from A to E. The same walnut can slow down the aging process of the skin. It is enough to eat a couple of handfuls a week to prolong your youth!
  7. Red and orange vegetables are carrots, tomatoes, red pepper. They contain the substance beta-carotene, which has a positive effect on the skin, contributing to the rapid renewal of its cells. Just a couple of ripe tomatoes and one big carrot a day, and your body will already receive a sufficient portion of antioxidants.
  8. Beef liver is a source of magnesium and calcium, which are good for the heart and bones. It is recommended to eat 800 grams per week.

How to get rid of nitrates in vegetables and fruits

Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful and appetizing vegetables and fruits look on the shelves, they all contain nitrates. It is very difficult to grow and maintain a rich crop without the addition of pesticides. Therefore, their content in the products, alas, is inevitable. Excessive use of nitrates is harmful to the body. Their harmful effects may affect changes in hormonal levels and reduced immunity.

It is impossible to completely eliminate the ingestion of nitrates in the body, but to minimize their concentration in fruits and vegetables is quite real. To do this, you must follow simple but effective rules.

  1. Vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly before use. After that, the vegetables need to cut or remove those parts in which nitrates accumulate the most. In carrots and cucumbers, these are the so-called "butts", in cabbage - the top sheets and the stalk. Be sure to cut the green areas on the potato - they contain a very harmful substance - solanine, the same applies to carrots.
  2. Minimize the harm of nitrates by soaking vegetables in cold water. If they continue to be heat-treated in the future, 15-20 minutes is enough, but if you plan to eat vegetables raw, it takes at least an hour. Fruits, like vegetables, must be soaked before consumption.
  3. On all vegetables, it is desirable to clean the skin, especially for early (that is, plucked at the time of ripening) vegetables grown in greenhouse conditions. Cucumbers, tomatoes, new potatoes will not lose their taste without peel, but the amount of harmful substances in them will noticeably decrease.
  4. Heat treatment is another way to reduce the amount of nitrates.Vegetables are best cooked, braised or steamed. From fruit, you can boil a delicious compote that perfectly quenches thirst in the summer.
  5. Lemon juice or pomegranate can neutralize nitrate compounds. Try to add them to salads and sprinkle some vegetables before cooking. Ascorbic acid also works as a neutralizer of harmful chemicals - take one pill before meals.

What is not recommended to eat?

Answering the question of how to eat in order to live a long time, it is necessary to indicate which products to eat as rarely as possible.

  1. Confectionery - these products are a source of necessary glucose, contribute to the production of serotonin, but they are most often the cause of diabetes and also contribute to the development of dental caries. An excellent substitute for them will be sweet fruits - peaches, apples, melons, etc.
  2. Mayonnaise and butter / sunflower oil - modern home-cooked meals are rarely available without them, but it is recommended to minimize their consumption. Add as little frying oil as possible, as it is a source of bad cholesterol.
  3. Highly fried and smoked food - beloved by many well-done steaks, hamburgers, fried chicken and smoked sausages. All this is certainly tasty, but very harmful for the heart, liver and pancreas. Note that we are not talking about moderately roasted meat or, especially, steamed meat. After all, it contains many vitamins and other substances useful for the body.

A healthy diet aimed at preserving youth is a whole science. Eating right a few weeks, do not wait for noticeable positive results. During this time, you can only get rid of a couple of extra pounds and improve the skin color. In order for the body to rejuvenate, you need a lot more time. Remember that healthy eating is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

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