How to draw the Kremlin?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 13, 2013
How to draw the Kremlin?

Like any building, the Kremlin can be depicted using geometric shapes. An important element in the drawing of the Kremlin is the correct painting. If possible, it is better to use a picture of this building. But if there is no possibility to use "nature", you can get by with simple recommendations on how to draw the Kremlin.

  • The Kremlin building is red, so you need to prepare a pencil or felt-tip pen in red.
  • First indicate how many towers will be.
  • It is necessary to draw outlines - rectangles, drawing triangular roofs with them. In general, there should be several towers.
  • First draw a large main tower.
  • Then draw several smaller rectangles near the main tower. Separate the rectangular "body" of the tower from the triangular roof with a horizontal line. It will come in handy when you give the Kremlin various bends, like the original.

Before you draw the Kremlin with a pencil, prepare a pencil with thin slate to make it convenient to erase extra lines.Now that the outline of the Kremlin is ready, we can proceed to some of the elements:

  • Start from the main tower. On the roof you need to draw the top in the form of a drop.
  • Under the roof, instead of a straight line, you need to make a “wave”.
  • Also required and decorate smaller towers. Start with those that are larger in size, moving to those in the background.
  • The dome of the towers should be decorated with shading and smooth lines.

On the body of those towers that are secondary, you need to draw vertical strokes. Below these strokes you need to draw "waves", under them - two horizontal lines and the so-called teeth. This ornament should be drawn on all towers, except the main one. It is necessary to depict the clock on it.

Now that all the highlights are ready, before painting the Kremlin, draw one stroke on the dome of each tower. On top of this stroke, draw a star. Paint the dome itself with horizontal “waves”. Some paint with vertical wavy lines.

This instruction will help you on how to draw the Kremlin in stages. Also try to draw the St. Basil's Cathedral, which is part of the Kremlin composition.

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