How to draw hares?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
October 1, 2014
How to draw hares?

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How to draw hares?

Need to beautifully portray a charming eared animal on paper? Nothing is easier! Just follow our tips.

To draw a hare in stages with a pencil, you will need to choose a 2H or 3H hardness pencil. In the extreme case, the usual HB. Solid pencils are very convenient in the implementation of sketching works, because they leave thin and light lines (unless, of course, they are not under too much pressure). They, in turn, can be conveniently and quickly erased, leaving no traces on paper.

When you make a basic drawing, you can take a softer pencil (2B or 3B will be enough) and finish the work with it.

Also be sure to pick a good soft eraser, which will quickly, without stains, divorce, remove the pencil mark. Well, of course, you will need paper.

Draw a bunny: step by step instructions

HareWe will offer several options on how to draw hares in stages. In all cases, we will begin work with the simplest elements of the picture.

Let's draw a simple but very cute bunny:

  1. Draw an oval (torso) and a circle in contact with it (head). The circle is divided by lines into a grid of 6 sectors.
  2. From the circle up right and left draw a line - this will be the basis for the ears.
  3. HareNow make the outline of the face - it should be slightly oblong, and not perfectly round.
  4. Now, using the lines drawn in the circle, draw large eyes, a tiny nose with a check mark and a little mouth. Don't forget the mustache.
  5. Draw bunny big ears, front and hind legs and a tiny fluffy tail.
  6. If you like the picture, then erase all auxiliary lines, leaving a clean picture. Then you can fill it with pencil shading, put shadows or leave it empty - as a coloring for children.

By analogy with the described technique, it is possible to draw hares, who will beat the drum, or hares, who will eat carrots for both cheeks.

In all cases, we first draw auxiliary geometric shapes, into which we then gently enter the parts of the animal's body and other elements of the drawing.

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