How to draw a transformer?

In this tutorial, we will look at how to draw a transformer in detail, using the example of Optimus Prime. Of course drawing this kind of drawings is somewhat different in technique from drawing nature or animals. And although at first glance drawing a transformer seems complicated, it is not at all like that. If you follow our recommendations, you will learn how to draw this character the first time.


We start to draw with a rounded head, then we draw a little angular shoulders. Then draw hands. One hand must be greater than the second. Take a look at what is shown in our example. The next step is to draw the bottom of the transformer. Pay special attention to his feet.


At this stage, you will try to make sure that your drawing was similar with the picture we presented. Always start your transformer drawings from the top of your torso. Preferably, you put the strokes across the chest (this is how it is presented in our example). Then draw a shin and Byrd is a strong character.Watch carefully how the sketches are shown on our examples. Start with the face, carefully paint the eyes, then just sketch the rest of the picture. Also pay attention to the elongated fist. Make sure the lines are consistent and even. Take your time and do not push hard on the paper with a pencil, otherwise you will spoil your drawing. How to draw a transformer with a pencil? Follow our recommendations and then you will succeed!

The main work on the sketch

Try to draw the outline of your character. This is shown in detail in our examples. Now begin the hard work on the right side of Optmus Prime. Try to make your transformer volumetric, and the lines are not curves. All sketched with our sketches. You may have to use an eraser, but that's okay, since if you learn to draw with this technique once, the rest of the Autobots will be fine with you. It is also important to be able to erase the boundaries of lines. This can be done with a piece of torn paper. You just rub the lines you want on top,and with this make your drawing more smooth and pleasing to the eye. Just do not need to push hard on the line, you just try to impose shadows in this way. Somewhere ettenki should be richer, somewhere - softer and more transparent. You can also use Adobe Photoshops, in the event that you draw in a similar graphic editor. By drawing in Adobe Photoshops you will of course get a higher-quality drawing that can be printed in the format you need. Also, you can use many more privileges of this program in drawing such drawings. But we still recommend that you draw live, so your drawing will be “handmade” and you can make a wonderful gift out of it.

After everything written above, your drawing is almost ready, you only need to finish drawing if you make inaccuracies somewhere. We hope you enjoyed our mini - lesson on how to draw a transformer in stages.

How to draw a transformer

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