How to decorate a jar?

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How to decorate a jar?

Sometimes you really want to do something beautiful and unusual with your own hands. In this article we will look at two ways to decorate a simple glass jar that can be used to store cereals, coffee or tea, sugar or salt.

Before choosing a method, it is necessary to take into account that the jars should be resistant to moisture in order to maintain their original appearance in any conditions of use.

How to decorate a glass jar

For the first method, we will use a decoupage napkin on the primer. Today you can find decoupage napkins with a variety of patterns, so this method can be used to decorate cans of all shapes and sizes.

Preparing a can

At the beginning of the selected jar should be thoroughly washed and dried. After that, it is necessary to degrease the surface of the can so that the adhesion of paints and glue with glass is as reliable as possible. Acetone is best for this, but if it is not there, then you can use a nail polish remover that contains acetone.Decorate jarTake a cotton pad, moisten it with acetone and wipe the entire surface of the can.

Surface coating with primer

Next we need a brush and acrylic primer white. Cover the entire surface of the jar with primer and allow it to dry completely. It is very important to remember that you should not apply a thick and continuous layer of soil, because when applying glue it will get wet and bubbles may form. It is better to apply a primer with strokes, and if there will remain small areas of uncoated glass, then it is not necessary to paint over them.

Gluing pattern

After the soil dries, you can begin to glue the pattern. Before that, you need to remove two layers of paper from the napkin and apply glue to the ground. After the napkin is glued, you need to dry it thoroughly (you can use a hairdryer). Once everything is dry, you can proceed to staining. Acrylic paints, which will fit well on the ground, are best suited here. With the help of paints we paint the white areas of our can and enjoy the finished work. It is possible to apply paint both a brush, and a usual economic sponge.

How to decorate a jar without soil

Consider how to decorate the jar with your own hands with the help of elements from the decoupageDecorate jarwipes without using primer. After degreasing the surface of the jar, you should immediately proceed to gluing the cut elements. Unlike the first method, where you can use ordinary PVA glue, here we need acrylic varnish. After gluing the elements, you can cover the napkin with a layer of varnish and let it dry.

Next you need to take acrylic paint and cut around the contours of the glued elements. Patterns of the same style will look very harmonious as the wipes themselves on the free surface of the can.

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