How to cut a figure mirror by a piece

To decorate your own home with an original mirror, it’s not at all necessary to run to the store and buy expensive figured canvases. You can also give the mirror surface the necessary outlines and do it yourself, without turning to experts, and the main tool will be roller glass cutters.


It is recommended to give an unusual shape only to not too thick mirrors. The optimum thickness is 3-5 mm. Unlike glass, cutting the mirror should be done only on the front.

Work Area

It is necessary to prepare a level surface. If you choose a table, then it must be very stable. It is usually not difficult to find a tabletop, the dimensions of which are comparable with the dimensions of the mirror. It should be covered with non-slip and dense material - tablecloth, bedspread, sheet. This reduces the risk of cracking or slipping of your “masterpiece” from the table.


Perhaps the greatest difficulty can be caused by the preparation of patterns. It requires you to choose a dense material, better plywood, from which and make a pattern for a new mirror.


You will need a ruler that will firmly hold onto the mirror surface. To improve this characteristic, leather or rubber linings are often used, which are mounted on a ruler. They not only prevent it from sliding, but also raise it to the required distance from the surface. In this position, working as a glass cutter is more convenient and efficient.

The traditional home assistant is a roller glass cutter - inexpensive and reliable. It is easy to use and does not require special training, except a little skill. In addition, dull rollers for glass cutters can be replaced at any time.

In addition, you will need pliers to break off small fragments of the surface, as well as a hammer for tapping.

Step by Step

1. Before starting work, do not forget to clean the surface of fat, otherwise the glass cutter can “lead”.Lay the dry mirror on the table "face" up, and then transfer to it the outline of the piece. To make the rollers slide better, you can lubricate the cutting line with turpentine.

2. Start cutting. It is necessary to “cut out” a mirror in one motion, without repeatedly drawing one line in order not to spoil the product. If you see too wide a line or a lot of glass dust remains, it means that either you put too much effort or the rollers have become dull.

3. Without turning, slide the notched pieces onto the edge of the table. The distance from the cutting line to the edge of the tabletop should not exceed the thickness of the mirror. In order to break off unnecessary parts, divide them into additional small sectors using a glass cutter. Hold a mirror with one hand and break small fragments one by one with the other.

4. Finally, finish the edges with fine grit sandpaper.

As you can see, adding a mirror with an unusual shape is not so difficult, and you can cut any piece, giving it an intricate shape, for example, a cat, bird or a racing car.

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