How to cure a cold without pills: 20 proven ways

Many in addition to medical treatment are increasingly resorting to traditional medicine. Woman’s Day publishes the most popular tips.

At the first symptoms

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- It helps me to drink plenty of liquor - cranberry juice and water with lemon. Cranberries push in the container, then pour boiling water, if desired, add a little sugar. This juice should be drunk two cups every hour and alternate with two cups of water with a lemon (cut the lemon into slices, squeeze out the juice, pour the boiling water along with the peel). A shock dose of vitamin C - what you need to fight the disease! (Svetlana, 55 years old)

- Quickly get up on my feet helps me recipe, which suggested my mother. Need to drink at night a glass of red dry wine. It is important that the wine is slightly hot. (Galina, 25 years old)

- It relieves black radish juice from many symptoms of a cold (I press it on a juicer with skin). From a kilogram of radish you get about half a liter of juice.A little salt is added to it so that it does not disappear, and then put in the fridge. Three times a day, half an hour before a meal, you should take a teaspoon, preferably even a tablespoon. Even asthma can be cured this way. Edema of the neck and throat is removed, the state of the upper respiratory tract is normalized. I think that the rest of the body is not against such a procedure. But most can get to others: the smell of radish, some do not tolerate. I usually spend this procedure when I don’t need to go to work. (Sergey, 44 years old)

- It’s good to start a foot massage with a cold that begins, and to massage every finger and foot with the “Asterisk” balm for the night. This is an absolute remedy, the next morning let go! (Yana, 29 years old)

From cough

- This is an old, but very effective recipe for wet cough. We take one onion of medium size, finely cut, put in a jar, pour two tablespoons of honey (it is important that the honey was natural). We put the jar in a warm place so that the juice begins to form. Take one tablespoon three times a day. There will be no smell, do not worry! (Alena, 33 years old)

“Cut out the middle of fresh white radish and add a tablespoon of honey inside.We put in a warm place for a few hours, wait until the radish select juice. This juice should be taken one tablespoon per day. Well helps with a wet cough. (Sergey, 56 years old)

- To fight a dry cough, you can rub the chest with goat fat or honey at night, then turn into cellophane or cling film and sleep until morning. Another way to prevent complications related to the respiratory system is to drink a glass of warm milk at night. In the milk should dissolve a piece of butter, soda at the tip of a knife and a teaspoon of honey. The drink is not very pleasant to the taste, but within two days it relieves cough and its consequences. (Anna, 26 years old)

- Any kind of cough can be cured in one day, if you drink a mixture of raw eggs, a tablespoon of vodka, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of melted butter, a tablespoon of milk, a teaspoon of soda on an empty stomach. If it does not help the first time, repeat the procedure again - the second time will definitely help. (Ekaterina, 23 years old)

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From a cold

- You can permanently get rid of a runny nose or nasal congestion if you perform one procedure.We collect hot water in the bath and drop only the feet and hands! Sit like 15 minutes. Problems with a runny nose will stop bothering you after the first time. (Alexander, 57 years old)

- The sinusitis which has become aggravated during cold is perfectly treated in two ways. First, you need to cut onions into semi-rings, wrap the onion slices with gauze or bandage, insert the tampons into the nose. This method will also help to kill the infection in the nasopharynx if you are just starting to get sick. Secondly, in case of antritis it is necessary to rinse the nose with propolis tincture (you can make it yourself or buy it in a pharmacy) and saline: a glass of warm water - two teaspoons of salt. (Alina, 27 years old)

- Nasal washing with chamomile decoction helps from the cold. The procedure should be performed every hour with a copious runny nose and three times a day with weak congestion. Thus, you can recover in a couple of days at most. (Irina, 59 years old)

- Proven recipe! Glow salt in a frying pan, wrap it in a cloth and apply to the wings of the nose for as long as you can stand it. The tool is good for rhinitis and severe edema. (Natalia, 42 years old)

On temperature

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- Mom always gives me a decoction of nettle, elderberry, hips and ashberries or lime tea from the temperature. All herbs can be bought at the pharmacy. The temperature does not decrease immediately, but after an hour and a half. But no chemistry. (Vitaly, 23 years old)

- You can bring the heat down without resorting to pills. It is enough to make compresses from vinegar. In a liter of cool water, add three tablespoons of vinegar and prepare three handkerchiefs. One by one wet the handkerchiefs and put them under the arms and on the forehead. Every two minutes, handkerchiefs continuously moisten in water. The temperature drops dramatically within 20 minutes. (Anton, 34 years old)

- I am a doctor myself, but I always use the opportunity to not take pills once again. The temperature can be lowered if the patient is rubbed with vodka or alcohol, give him cranberry or raspberry juice, preferably more, and wrap in a warm blanket so that the patient sweats. Twenty minutes and everything is fine! Old, but very effective way. (Love, 28 years old)

For sore throat

- Ice cream relieves sore throat. But they can be treated only if you have a sore throat and tonsils. With bronchitis, laryngitis and other diseases of the respiratory tract ice cream can only cause harm. (Galina, 34 years old)

- With a sore throat, under a tongue I absorb a piece of propolis, quite a small one. I also wash my throat with propolis tincture (also sold in a pharmacy). Propolis kills germs and tightens wounds on the glands, which usually happens with purulent tonsillitis. A couple of days can be cured. (Irina, 29 years old)

- A sore throat well removes dried ginger in sugar. You can buy it on the market or make it yourself - just thinly chop the root, roll in sugar or honey and leave for a few days. The effect is stunning, and the taste is just gorgeous - better than many pills and lozenges for cough and sore throat. (Elena, 33 years old)

How to cure a cold without pills: proven popular recipes
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A good and proven way to relieve a sore throat is ice cream!

But what advises the folk healer, author of books about a healthy lifestyle Gennady Malakhov:

- If you have a cold, a viral infection or the flu, you should still consult a doctor to prescribe an individual treatment. But there are also folk remedies, which sometimes are not inferior to pharmacy medicines in terms of effectiveness. In general, prevention plays an important role, it is better to take care of health in advance than to be treated and worry about the consequences. Prevention is easy to just need to spend more time outside and take tea with lemon and ginger (for a cup of tea - a slice of lemon and three rings of ginger root 2 mm thick).

If you feel unwell, then first of all organize yourself a bed rest. Do not overeat, eat something light, such as steamed vegetables and a little curd. To fight the flu or cold, the body needs strength, and these forces are also spent on digesting food. Take tea with knotweed twice a day - this herb is rich in silicon, which makes the vessels more resilient and susceptible to treatment.

From the cold, rinse the nose with a saline solution would be best: ½ teaspoon of regular salt per cup of boiled water. Well helps inhalation of wormwood in the morning and evening: a tablespoon of dry grass for 2 liters of boiling water, cover with a towel and breathe nose and mouth. Such a remedy will also help against coughing.

To dull the pain - body aches, headache, you should starve for a while.

The temperature can be brought down with ordinary raspberry mors or with the help of urine socks. Cotton fabric should be dipped in baby urine, attached to the feet, wrapped in a bag or wrap and put on socks - the procedure should be performed overnight.This will not only reduce the temperature, but also make the skin of the feet softer and more elastic.

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