How to create motivation for yourself

You will need
  • - target
  • - plan to achieve it
  • - specific deadlines for completing certain cases
  • - the system of rewards and punishments
  • - healthy lifestyle
Start with goal setting. Decide on your main, most significant dream for you and decide, finally, to embark on its realization in reality. However, consider: is this really your personal goal or is it imposed on you from the outside — by your relatives, friends, and other representatives of your inner circle? Alien, alluvial dreams, far from your real needs, happiness in the implementation will not bring you. Therefore, sort things out in your own personality and set yourself a global goal, the desire for which will come from the depths of your soul.
Figuratively burn yourself any way back. Do not leave a single loophole on which you could retreat. Use, for example, the idea of ​​one person who decided to quit smoking and, in this connection, placed his own photo on billboards in his locality offering 100 thousand dollars to anyone who finds it with a cigarette.Think of a similar fine for yourself or otherwise let yourself fully realize that from now on you will only have to move forward. The main thing - be true to your own word and really get ready to punish yourself in the case of the slightest manifestations of cowardice and cowardice.
Look for inspiration. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and know how to cheer even in those moments when you seem to be ready to get depressed. The main thing is that these personalities are quite sincere in their assurances, and not ordinary flatterists and sycophants. In turn, help others. This, among other things, will contribute to the emergence of positive emotions in your soul, which will be a good help in your own motivation. Being in demand and needed by others is a great way to increase self-confidence and, consequently, to be fortunate.
Make a detailed, step-by-step plan for achieving your cherished goal. Break the path to it into as small steps as possible. Immediately proceed to their implementation and come up with a reward system for each achievement on this path.Gradually, literally one point at a time, move towards the realization of your own dream, if you wish, deleting already completed tasks from the list. Reward yourself at the end of each of them, and when going through a whole stage, arrange a small holiday.
Set a deadline to which each intermediate goal should already be achieved. Nothing encourages the fulfillment of the necessary tasks more than clear, concrete, but very realistic deadlines. Expand the horizons of their own capabilities, learning new skills and occupation or hobbies, first of all unusual for you. Strive for more effective use of your mental powers. Further personal development will bring you increased self-confidence, which is why the motivation will only increase.
Learn self-discipline and especially apply her skills at times when apathy encompasses you. Find effective ways to get yourself out of this state: auto-training, appropriate music, your favorite movie, etc. - in a word, any method that will cheer you up and allow you to return to the path of action. Fight your own laziness - and your efforts will certainly be rewarded with successive achievements.

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