How to create a new family

Do not be afraid to make new acquaintances. Try to go to the goal without showing your shyness or uncertainty. Think what future awaits you without the second half, and all fears will disappear. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship will continue after the first acquaintance, it’s still worth a try: what if it’s a chance to start a family.
Attend social events, corporate events, travel with colleagues to nature. You can meet your future husband or wife anywhere, so look closely at all possible applicants for the title of spouse.
Invite on dates someone who you think can make you a couple for the rest of your life. Only on dates you will be able to talk to a person in private, find out his interests and preferences.
Listen to your partner, try to notice all of his hand: good and bad, because the person is not perfect. Match your characters, consider whether your relationship can become harmonious.
Communicate with each other in confidence, always try to express your opinion, even if it disagrees with the opinion of the second half.After all, deception always leads to a deterioration of relations and their dissolution.
Meet your partner's parents.

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