How to cook a salad in the form of eight on March 8

You will need
  • –Scrab sticks (1-2 packs);
  • - canned corn (1 bank);
  • –Rice shape long and steamed (60 g);
  • –Cherry tomatoes (4-6 pieces);
  • - cheese (40 g);
  • - light mayonnaise (30 g).
Salad is laid out in layers. There is nothing difficult. But in order to give the dish a figure of eight, it is necessary to make some preparations in advance. Take a flat, oval plate, then put on the top of a glass beaker. The second glass with a large diameter position below the first. It will be a billet for salad.
Crumble sticks chop into a crumb, boil the rice and rinse, remove the extra pulp from the tomatoes and cut. Open a jar of corn, drain the liquid. Grate cheese. Now all the ingredients are ready. You can start laying out layers.
The first layer is rice, the second is crab sticks, the third is tomatoes, the fourth is cheese, the fifth is corn.Spread each layer with mayonnaise. Proceed to the most crucial stage. Gently pull out the glasses so that the layers do not fall apart. Remove excess with a spoon.

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