How to convert metal windows to winter (summer) mode

Windows in our houses and apartments provide passive air exchange, and are sources of natural light, ultraviolet. They are designed to provide protection against street noise, dust and precipitation. Thanks to them, we can communicate with the outside world, contemplate nature and feel the life rhythm of our society. Quality windows delight with their aesthetics, durability and comfort. It was not by chance that metal-plastic windows replaced the wooden one, and immediately gained a reputation for technological products. Plastic is durable and practical, and PVC window fittings can be customized and adjusted to your liking. Just how to do it right and why not everyone knows.
How to convert metal windows to winter-summer mode

Signs of improper window adjustments

Disadvantages of impaired air exchange in a room are usually visible with the naked eye.They can be combined into the following list:
  • Dampness on the slopes, especially at the bottom - can lead to mold and fungus;
  • Fogging of insulating glass and condensation on frame and window sill;
  • Damp walls and ceiling areas;
  • Freezing of the bottom of the sash.

For What does the winter-summer lock adjustment need?

According to SanPiN norms, the temperature in residential premises should be in the range of 18-25 ° C. And if in the summer we ventilate the room and open the windows in order to cool it a little, in the winter, on the contrary, we try to contain the heat loss. In this, we will be helped by the adjustment of the winter-summer locks. The squeeze of the shutters at the metal-plastic windows determines the degree of passive ventilation. Special locking mechanisms - pins - are responsible for this in their accessories. These are such movable elements in the form of round or oval rollers, the axial base of which is a tuning screw. Its center is displaced, so that it is called eccentric. The closer the pin to the counter plate, the stronger the clamping is carried out when the leaf is completely closed. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="How to translateplastic windows for winter-summer mode ">
 How to convert plastic windows to winter-summer mode
 How to translate plastic windows for the winter-summer mode

How does it work?

Adjusting the winter-summer windows is done in the following order: Finding a small mark-risk on the lock in the area of ​​the pin.
 How to convert plastic windows to the winter-summer mode
With a suitable key (hexagon or "asterisk") slightly turn the pivot screw clockwise (toward the room). This changes the degree of clamping the sash to the frame.
How to convert metal windows to winter-summer mode
How to convert metal windows to winter mode
How to convert metal windows to the winter mode
Do the same procedure with the pins on the lock fittings around the entire perimeter of the sash. Usually they are 5-7 pcs.The location of them is easy to determine by reciprocal strips on the frame.
How to convert metal windows to winter-summer mode
How to convert metal windows to winter-summer mode
How to convert metal windows to winter-summer mode
How to convert metal windows to a winter-summer mode

Practical tips

You can check the adjustment in a simple old-fashioned way: to hold a lit candle around the perimeter of the sash, the flame of which will indicate on the existing defects and heat losses from window gaps. In some types of accessories for PVC windows there are oval-shaped pins that usually do not have a adjusting screw. Masters have a special key with a hole for an oval to set them up, but it is hard to purchase. In such a situation, ordinary pliers will help out. Wrap them with any cloth to avoid burrs on the metal, and feel free to correct their position. You should not forget about the rubber seal, which dries out and becomes hard over time.Sometimes because of it the winter setting leads to rapid wear and breakage of the lock, because to close tightly in the winter, you need to make an effort. To avoid this, you can replace the replacement seal yourself, and use a fixed one to remove debris, dust, and lubricate with specialized means. Then you should pay attention to the lubrication of the chassis locks.
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