How to connect a locator?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 1, 2014
How to connect a locator?

The service "Locator" is a unique opportunity to quickly and easily find out any location of the phone: your own, relatives, friends, children, a loved one. In order to use this service, no additional settings or special programs are needed, it works on all mobile devices.

How to connect the "Locator" from various mobile operators?


To connect, you just need to send an SMS to the number 6677, indicating the name and phone number of the person you are tracking, for example, Marina 89162256987. Your subscriber will receive a notification with your contact, which is enough to confirm. If he agrees, you will receive a message with his location, and thus the service will automatically connect.

SMS to number 6677 are free when you are in your home region.

Service cost: 100 rubles per month (100 location requests), with the first 14 days from the moment of the first connection - no fee is charged.

Learn more about the features and services of the mobile operator MTS in the MTS section.

"Locator" on Beeline

You can activate the service by calling free of charge the number 09853 (in response, you will immediately receive a link to the application) or by sending an empty free message to the short number 5166.

The cost of connecting and receiving the application "Locator" - 0 rub. The subscription fee is 3 rubles. / day. When you first connect, you get a free period of use - 7 days.

The option will connect only after you receive consent to receive data from the required subscriber.

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