How to compete

Identify large and small market participants. Large need to know to focus on prices and other conditions that they provide to customers. Small ones will be needed to select future partners, because it is easier to survive together.
Collect information on the retail prices of major competitors. Don't be content with a shallow look. The pricing policy of large companies sometimes involves the sale of goods at a price close to the cost price. This is done in order to attract customers. And the profit is formed by selling the same customers other goods. Therefore, fix prices on the entire range that is present in your stores. Analyze the information to catch the tactics of a major competitor.
Write the desired purchase prices for the goods. To do this, imagine that you can put in the store the same prices as the major players in the market. Let a certain product cost 900 rubles in retail. Determine what should be the wholesale price for you to get the desired profit from the sale of goods.Compare the result with the wholesale price offered by suppliers. Surely the goods have to be purchased at other prices - higher.
Find out on what conditions the supplier can provide the prices obtained as a result of the previous analysis. Most likely, you will need to purchase large volumes that you cannot sell in due time to settle accounts with the supplier.
Cooperate with small competitors for joint purchases at the right prices. Invite a sufficient number of partners to buy the necessary volumes from the supplier and get favorable terms. So you can compete with large companies, not allowing them to get a price advantage.
Helpful advice
If the price gap is too large, the considered method may not be suitable. In this case, sell not final products, but services. If a large competitor has a product worth 900 rubles, offer customers a training course on the effective use of goods for 1700 rubles. Moreover, the cost of the course includes the same product for 800 rubles, the rest - tuition fees. So you can mask prices, occupying adjacent niches in the market.

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