How to commission a residential building in 2018

You will need
  • - application to state construction supervision;
  • - All documents on the building;
  • - a statement to the court (if the commissioning is denied).
To put a residential building into operation, contact the state construction supervision authorities. Write a statement about the commissioning of the construction object. Present the permit, the construction passport with the project and the sketch that you made when you received the permitting documents.
Invite from the administration acceptance housing commission. The new building will be inspected and an acceptance certificate will be drawn up You will also need to invite an authorized representative of the fire brigade of your area to inspect the constructed building. On the basis of the inspection, you will be drawn up a certificate confirming that the building complies with all norms, standards and fire safety regulations.
Get help from utility systems and coordination with organizations that supply light, gas and heat.
Call a BTI representative. Based on the inspection of new buildings you will draw up cadastral and technical documents. From the cadastral documents you will need extracts. All received documents submit to the state construction supervision. Get a resolution of the commission and submit documents to the FUHCC for registration of property rights.
If the new building was erected illegally, without permitting documents, then you will have to contact all the organizations indicated, invite representatives to inspect the building. If the decision is made that the building does not meet the standards or is erected on underground communications, apply to the court. In some cases, even through a court, it is not possible to put an illegally constructed building into operation and is forced to demolish it.

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