How to combine a nursery

You will need
  • Furniture for children, items for the physical development of the child.
A small boy's room should be furnished with functional pieces of furniture without unnecessary décor, as a girl would need. Choose a bed for growth to be enough for all school years. Of course, in this case, the furniture should be of high quality, made from natural materials.
Put the children's wall, consisting of a wardrobe, various drawers and shelves, desktop. Well, if the height of the table will be adjustable. On the wall opposite to the bed, place the Swedish wall - it does not take up much space, but develops the boy physically.
Decorate the room for the girl more intricate and elegant. Divide the recreation area and the training area with an arch made of plasterboard, hang a curtain rail on it for beautiful curtains. So you harmoniously combine a nursery with a bed and a collection of dolls with a room for classes, where you can put a table with side tables and shelves for books and textbooks.
Decorate a small child in the same style - a wall of bookcases, a wardrobe and a bed. Put the toys in a stylish chest and on the shelves. Place a table for training at the free wall. On the fourth wall, lay out the toys for the active leisure of the child - children's dumbbells, jump ropes, hula hoops, a basketball mini-ring and a exercise mat.
Combine with a children's corner for individual child's music lessons (musical instrument and space for storing notes), drawing (easel and boxes with paints and canvases), sports (punching bag) - depending on your child's hobbies. If children are interested in theater, then it is not difficult to make a screen with them for the theater of shadows or for the puppet theater.

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