How to clean up the bag and maintain it?

Today there will not be an article to read, but a practical lesson - I propose to jointly bring order to the bag, and the plan for clearing it is lower. So, how to clean up the bag once and for all? To do this, you must first organize the system, and then it will remain - just stick to it.

And, by the way, do not believe those who are sure that the order in the women's handbag is a fantastic idea :) If you are interested in such business-optimizing topics, it means you (us :)) can do it!

How to bring and maintain order in the women's bag?

Start with revision

Make an audit: collect all the things from all the bags that you have. I hope you don’t have such a bad habit as I did: I used to leave something in each of my bags and forget about it for a long time :) Well, if it’s a napkin or a pen, it happened that my favorite lipstick and nail file , keys, PASSPORT :)

List of zones in your bag

When restoring order anywhere, it is very important to divide this space into zones - just like a major task we divide into small steps.Order in the bag is also easy to maintain, if you divide it into categories. So,usually these are zones:

  • Beauty and hygiene zone. For example, I always carry with me a mirror, a comb, powder, lipstick, napkins, occasionally a small bottle of toilet water.
  • Zone of money and everything connected with them: this is a purse - money, bank and discount cards
  • Zone of different: keys, fabric bag / empty bag, pen, phone
  • Document area: passport and other necessary documents
  • Health Zone: necessary tablets, plaster

For example, usually in my bag only the first three zones, and 4 and 5 are added occasionally.

And what zones are present in your bag? What is included in each of your zones? Is it possible to reduce the number of these items? If there are such things that you need not constantly, but from time to time?

Take everything out of the bag every night.

Learn a good habit - take everything out of your handbag every night after coming home. Marie Kondo, author of the best-selling Magical Cleaning, writes that at night you need to empty the bag so that she also rests after a day's work. But besides the rest of the bag, for me, this nightly ritual became a means not only to restore order in the bag, but also to organize thoughts. Every evening (of course, if I went somewhere) I get everything out of my bag and ...

  • I throw away unnecessary checks, advertisements, etc. that could have accumulated in it.
  • I shake out my handbag
  • Check if there is enough for all my zones
  • I'm putting the order in my wallet

A place where you can put things out of the bag

Take a separate container at home or a place where you can lay out what you carry daily in your bag. What for?

  • so you will inspect whether everything is enough: for example, whether napkins or tablets have run out
  • It is very convenient if you like to change your bag every day. Do not be in a hurry to shift everything from one to another

Little tips for organized bags

When collecting a bag, do not forget that with this burden you walk all day :) Minimize things! Look for ways to reduce the weight of your assistant. Is your bag still very fat? Then tune in to reforms :)

For example, the following helps me:

1. To performto-do listit is not necessary to carry around the diary. I write myself on a case sheet, shopping lists, etc. Or even put it in the "Notes" on the phone.

2. Minimize your cosmetic supplies.. Limit the amount of cosmetics and care products that you carry with you.If you wear almost all makeup bags in order to just touch up makeup at work, then you can have an extra makeup bag in the workplace. Those. both at home and at work you will have a set of basic necessities, and then without which you absolutely cannot live at all (for example, without lipstick or powder), leave it in your purse.

3. On the go, get rid of papers, candy wrappers and promotional products. Have you eaten candy on the go? A wrapper - no, not in a bag, immediately look for an urn. The same with advertisements - do not take them on the street, or, having studied and understood that you do not need it - throw them away immediately, do not carry them home. The exception can only be checks - in the evening to record spending on your list of cost accounting.

4. What to do with toilet waterso as not to wear the whole 50-100 ml bottle? To buy a small bottle of 5-7 ml or to get an atomizer is a small tank for storing and transporting toilet water. It is also equipped with a mechanism to pump a little favorite flavor from a large bottle. In this video - detailed instructions on how to do this.

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