How to choose a shower in the bathroom

All variety of modern shower cabins can be divided into 3 groups. Closed shower enclosures for the bathroom are sealed boxes with a roof, shower tray, walls and tightly closing doors. Such models create the most comfortable conditions for water procedures, excluding condensate out of the device. Open showers do not have a roof, but there are 2 or 3 walls. Often, these models are complemented by a curtain. In the niches of the walls, like built-in appliances, built-in shower cabins are installed. Their construction includes transparent glass doors that make the design of these models particularly ergonomic.
The shower tray for the bathroom serves to drain the water, so it must be airtight, stable, quickly heated. Prefer cabins, whose pallet has a corrugated non-slip coating. Do not forget to choose the appropriate height for you pallet.It can be from 5 to 18 cm. Pay attention to the material from which the shower stall is made for the bathroom. Acrylic, although the most practical material, the pallet of it must be strengthened frame. The strongest pallets are made of cast iron, but they heat up quite a long time. Steel is usually noisy when filled with water, and ceramic pallets, due to their fragility, require very careful handling. If you want to brag to your friends with a luxurious shower, give preference to marble - the most expensive material. Choose also the pallet shape that suits you best: rectangular, square, pentagonal, semicircular or angular.
Doors of various shower cabins can be sliding (retractable or folding), hinged (sash inward) and pivoting-sliding. The last type of doors - the most convenient and practical.
When choosing a shower for the bathroom, pay attention to the additional features that this or that model has. Some modern cabins resemble mini-beauty salons, others function as saunas or Turkish baths, others are equipped with a powerful hydro-massage system.

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