How to choose a phone

You can buy a mobile phone only in mobile phone stores or home appliances and electronics stores. It is highly recommended not to purchase it at crossings and on the street from random people - the device is likely to be stolen or a Chinese fake, which will work poorly and constantly hang. A used device purchased on a commission basis can have a hidden defect that negates all savings.
The most popular form of the phone is the usual monoblock ("brick", as it is called by the people). It has no moving parts and therefore is durable and resistant to mechanical damage. The slider and clamshell are more stylish, but the junction between their parts is a weak link that the candy bar does not have. They should not be bought by scattered people who constantly drop things. The modern variation is the smartphone - the device loved by the younger generation for communication, communication and Internet access.
Standard features of almost any phone: calls and SMS, clock and alarm clock, calculator and organizer.Those people who use their device not only to make calls, but also prefer to spend their free time with it, should pay attention to models with support for games, multimedia, the ability to listen to the radio and Internet access. The elderly part of the population is not always able to master even the simplest program, so for grandparents it’s better to buy a device with large buttons, a minimum of functions and emergency keys.
The choice between touch and keyboard phone depends on the preference of the user, but it should be noted that in order to get a response from most touch devices in winter, you have to take off the gloves, which can cause numbness of the fingers in the bitter cold. The advantage of such devices is an enlarged screen, which takes up space intended for buttons in conventional devices. It is convenient for viewing web pages, videos and photos.
An important factor is the battery capacity. Some phones have to be charged for 2-3 days, others - once in a week or two. When buying, you need to pay attention to the number of hours in the talk and standby modes.There are models of increased strength (they are taken by hunters and just lovers of nature trips), who, in addition to a good battery, have a built-in dynamo capable of recharging a dead battery for an important call.

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