How to choose a house foundation

Over the millennia of its existence, mankind has invented a huge number of ways to createfoundationhouses. The choice of method depends on many factors, such as, for example,at home, its size, the type of soil on which the house is built and many, many others. There are 4 main types.foundationused in construction: belt, columnar, slab and pile.
Most often lay the tape foundation. It is created from concrete or reinforced concrete and is used in the construction of heavy stone, brick, concrete and other walls. The foundation is laid under all bearing walls, ideally repeating the contours of the future building, and everywhere has the same thickness. Its use carries with it an additional consumption of materials, but in some cases it is just vital to use it.
Another typefoundationis a columnar foundation. It is based on pillars that are installed on all corners and sharp bends of the structure, at the intersection of the inner and outer walls, and also along the entire perimeter of the building with a certain interval.Strapping beams are placed on top of the standing pillars, either metal or reinforced concrete beams. This type is often used in the construction of arbors, small buildings, baths.
The following method of laying is represented by a slab foundation, which is one of the few types erected over the entire area of ​​a building. This carries with it considerable monetary costs, but they are quite justified, since slab foundation is most often used in the construction of buildings on unstable and subsiding soils.
Laying pilefoundationis an extremely time-consuming and extremely costly process, and therefore this type is used quite rarely. Most often used in cases of construction on weak soils, when using pile driving, they try to reach denser layers of earth at great depths.

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