How to choose a good anti-cellulite cream?

Cellulite is a purely feminine problem, the solution of which is of concern to many of the fair sex. Fortunately, modern cosmetology provides a lot of ways to eliminate the defect, and creams can be used at home. But how to choose a good one? You will learn about this from the article.

How do these creams?

Immediately it should be noted that it will not be possible to get rid of cellulite permanently and permanently with the help of a single cream, because the defect appears due to flaccidity of the skin and fatty deposits localized under it. But the means are capable of making cellulite less noticeable, modeling the silhouette, toning the skin, that is, acting on problem areas.

Effective cellulite cream has an effect in several directions at once:

  • accelerates metabolic processes, thereby stimulating the burning of fat deposits;
  • has a drainage effect and removes toxins and slags, excess fluid (swelling and slagging increase the appearance of cellulite);
  • increases elasticity and firmness of the skin, reduces flabbiness and stretching;
  • accelerates blood circulation, provokes blood flow to problem areas, thereby saturating them with nutrients and oxygen;
  • provides full hydration and nutrition;
  • normalizes lymph flow;
  • removes dead skin cells of the dermis, stimulating skin renewal.

Ideally, the impact should be complex, that is, all the effects described above are achieved simultaneously, but gradually. Therefore, a good cream works, but not immediately.

Kinds of creams

Cream is a form of anti-cellulite agent release, but different types fall into this category:

  1. Massage cream is used to enhance the effect of the massage procedure and is applied to problem areas immediately before a session. This tool delivers nutrients to the deep layers of the dermis, helps to relieve swelling and detoxification.
  2. Warming cream after application causes a feeling of warmth or even burning. Thermal effect is achieved due to local irritation of the skin and blood flow. But the tools in this category are not suitable for vascular diseases, such as couperosis, phlebitis or varicose veins.
  3. Cooling cream gives a pleasant feeling of chill on the skin, can be applied even with damaged or weak vessels and capillaries. This tool perfectly tones the skin, provides a lifting effect.
  4. Creams for wraps designed for such procedures. The greenhouse effect created by the film covering the skin provides deep and rapid penetration of the active substances into the skin, removes liquid and slags from the tissues, and normalizes the blood supply to problem areas.
  5. With the effect of Anti-Capiton. Such means effectively combat the manifestations of the so-called "orange peel", as well as provide prevention of its reappearance. Creams normalize intercellular metabolism, stabilize the water balance, stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.
  6. Anti-Aging Cream Yes, yes, it can cope not only with wrinkles, but also with cellulite, because one of the causes of this defect is age-related changes and inevitable aging. Means increase the turgor and tone of the skin, promote nutrition, hydration and moisture retention, as well as trigger the production of collagen responsible for youth.

And what can contain creams?

When choosing an effective anti-cellulite cream you should pay attention to the composition. And it may include components:

  • Caffeine perfectly tones the skin, strengthens the capillaries, removes excess fluid and improves blood circulation and microcirculation.
  • Vitamins provide nourishment to the skin, improve its condition and contribute to strengthening the structure of the dermis.
  • Plant extracts (aloe vera, guarana, horse chestnut, St. John's wort, grapes) improve metabolic processes, provide nutrition, increase tone.
  • Extracts from algae effectively cope with the removal of toxins and slags, pull out excess moisture and increase the turgor.
  • Extracts of cinnamon, red pepper. Such components provide a warming effect, stimulating blood flow.
  • Essential oils of tea tree, grapefruit, lemongrass, rosemary, bergamot. They guarantee lymphatic drainage, normalize intracellular and intercellular metabolism, improve blood circulation.

General rules of choice

How can I choose anti-cellulite body cream? When buying, pay attention to a few points:

  • The purposes of application: for massage, standard drawing, carrying out wrappings.
  • Contraindications.Read the instructions carefully so as not to damage the skin.
  • Method and frequency of application: once or twice a day, after a shower or before bath procedures for subsequent rinsing.
  • Budget. The cost of anti-cellulite creams range from 100-150 rubles to 2-3 thousand.

Effective creams rating

So which cream is the best? Find it helps rating effective means:

  1. Guam’s Fangocrema contains special therapeutic volcanic dust, cosmetic mud, algae extracts and a multi-component phytocomplex. The tool can be used in the form of masks and wraps, it has a warming effect, tightens the skin and tones it.
  2. “Cream-active from cellulite” from the line “Fitness body” of the brand “Floresan”. The composition includes camphor, algae extracts, centella, polysaccharides. The cooling effect is felt, due to which fat burning is stimulated, the skin is tightened.
  3. Active cream designed for the body, "Anti-cellulite" production company "Pure Line". It contains pink rhodiola and ginseng, pleasantly cools the skin after application, is quickly absorbed and leaves no traces, has an optimal tube size.
  4. "Belita-Vitex" produces a good massage anti-cellulite cream with the effect of sauna and bath. The tool makes the massage more effective, improves the flow of lymph and blood, eliminates swelling and accelerates the breakdown of fat cells. The composition of red pepper, seaweed, essential oils and grapefruit.
  5. Excellent means - cream sculptor from "Faberlic", containing a unique plant multicomponent complex and caffeine. The tube is equipped with a convenient roller dispenser that makes application as comfortable and simple as possible.
  6. The company "Black Pearl" produces a gel-corrector containing several active ingredients, such as bio-creatine, algae, horse chestnut. The smell is pleasant, the absorption is fast, stickiness does not remain.
  7. Cream-gel against cellulite is in the line of means "Nivea". In the composition of L-carnitine, which accelerates the processes of fat burning cells and improves metabolism. Achieved an excellent tonic effect, noticeable after application.
  8. Another worthy remedy is Vichy. Lipocidin is a unique flavonoid that activates the production of elastin and collagen, strengthens the cell walls and triggers the formation of new tissue elements, increasing elasticity at the molecular level.
  9. There is an anti-cellulite intensive thermo-active cream in the Avon range, and it contains many plant extracts that nourish, tone and moisturize the skin.

It remains to make a choice and start applying the cream to combat the hated cellulite!

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