How to check the ticket of the lottery "Russian Lotto"

How to check the ticket of the lottery "Russian Lotto"TV Lottery called "Russian Lotto" started in 1994. Today, it is a media version of the traditional game with kegs. Many TV viewers sincerely love this entertainment for the warm atmosphere of nostalgia, which carries memories from childhood. As in earlier times, the leader at random takes out kegs with different numbers from the sack, and participants with a sinking heart cross out the matched numbers. In this article we will explain how you can check the lottery ticket "Russian Lotto".


In order to become a member of Rusloto, you must purchase a ticket. This can be done through payment terminals Qiwi, distributors, contact the post office or the profile kiosk called "Lotteries of Moscow". In addition, if you want to buy a ticket without leaving home, you can go to the official resource

How to check the ticket of the lottery "Russian Lotto"

The All-Russian State Lottery "Russian Lotto" plays cash prizes in several rounds:

  1. The first stage of the gambling is completed at the moment when the numbers of the pulled out kegs coincided with the numbers placed in one horizontal line of the card. At the same time, it does not matter at all in which field or horizontal there was a coincidence.
  2. At the second stage it is necessary to fill in one of two fields - the tour will be completed as soon as the player crosses out all 15 numbers on the same game matrix.
  3. At the third and all other stages, those participants win, on the tickets of which 30 numbers match. And the earlier the same numbers fall out, the greater the amount of the prize.
  4. In the event that 15 numbers have been crossed out on your card for 15 turns, you become the winner and receive the main prize of the game - Jackpot.

Check tickets "Russian Lotto"

How to check the ticket of the lottery "Russian Lotto"

To check the "Russian Lotto" on the circulation table, you can go to the official lottery website For six months, there are stored archives of all the rallies held, where you can be sure of your luck. You can also resort to alternative methods of reconciliation:

  • you can find out if your card won, during the live broadcast of the current issue of the lottery, which runs every Sunday on the NTV channel;
  • Also you can find out about the results of the drawing by watching the online broadcast on the official lottery portal;
  • if you have paid for the purchase of a ticket through the Qiwi terminal, then you can find out the result by receiving an SMS message to the specified number. In the same way, you can receive a cash reward to your e-wallet, in case you win;
  • no less convenient way is to reconcile the winning combinations on the draw table, which is published in the press. The results are published by such Russian publications as: “Sportloto”, “Work in Moscow”, “Labor”, “Moskovskaya Pravda”, “Sudarushka” and “Evening Moscow”.

How to check the ticket of the lottery "Russian Lotto"

Please note that a video recording of the prize draw will appear on the official portal only 4-5 hours after the game. And if you bought a ticket through the Internet service and want to receive a reward in the same way, then you should remember that the money will be credited to the personal account after a day.

Thus, we reviewed the basic rules of the game and the ways in which in Rusloto, Sportloto you can check the ticket. Use modern e-commerce services and simplify the lottery process to enjoy the game to the maximum.Remember that you can always find out the outcome of the rally, even if you are late for the live TV broadcast.

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