How to change your lifestyle

Make a clear and detailed plan for several months. Think about what kind of person you would like to see yourself in a year, and what you can achieve in a month. Set yourself exact dates. But remember that it is better to slightly increase the time than to shorten. If you decide to learn how to drive a car in six months, and after four months you feel yourself driving quite confidently - this will be another reason for joy and pride in yourself.
Keep a diary. Celebrate all important events in your newof lifewhat feelings you experience and what difficulties you face. Remember Bridget Jones. Despite many failures and ridiculous situations, she managed to change jobs, lose weight, arrange personal happiness and eventually change her life drastically. Perhaps the diary has played a significant role. It is always useful to analyze your luck and misses and draw conclusions.
Dedicate friends and family to your plans. First, in the future it will be a shame to turn off from the intended path, even if you really want to.Secondly, native people will be able to provide substantial support when you feel bad and you decide to give up everything and return to a tired but familiar life.
Start the changes in stages and little by little. Since Monday, have you decided to go on a diet, start playing sports, take cooking classes, stop watching TV shows, listen to your mother-in-law without irritation and take a cold shower in the morning? There is a very high probability that a maximum of two days is enough for you. Give yourself time for one victory over yourself, then grab another. Do you take a cold shower every morning for the second week? Great. You began to feel more cheerful and less tired, now is the time to sign up for the gym.
Do not be afraid. You have no idea how many people in the world want to change their imageof life. But they do absolutely nothing. And guilty of this is not difficult and insurmountable circumstances, but fear. Are you afraid that nothing will happen, that you will be ridiculed, that everything will not go as planned? You are not alone in your fears. If you can not cope with fear yourself, sign up for a session with a psychologist or find like-minded people on the Internet.

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