How to change themes in Windows 7 Basic

You need to download and install a program to change the Windows interface. Initially, Microsoft developers laid down a number of limitations in the capabilities of different versions of systems.Topics, which was reflected in the price of the respective editions. To bypass such prohibitions, you can use a patch for the file, which determines what exactly can be changed in the design. And it is this file that causes the message about the lack of support for themes in younger versions of Windows 7.
Find, for example, the utility UxThemePatcher and run it. But a more convenient way is to use the Personalization Panel program, which is suitable for all versions of Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit, Russian and English.
Open any browser. Type in the address bar At the bottom of the web page, find the “Download” button and click it. Confirm that you want to upload the file. The program is provided by the developer for free.
Double-click the downloaded loader program. A window opens with a suggestion to download the personalization panel and the additional program “Multibar”. Click on the "NO" button to download only the Personalization Panel.The installer will start downloading the utility, which will be able to changeTopicsin Windows 7 Basic. Wait until the download is complete.
Click the “Yes, Run” button in the dialog box that will appear as soon as the personalization panel installation file is downloaded. Follow the wizard’s instructions and click the “Yes” and “Next” buttons as necessary. The program unlocks the AERO interface and translucency, and also installs 10 new themes.
Restart your computer and you can use the control panel to select the appropriate topic and customize it to your liking.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:38 / Views: 81242

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