How to care for a garden in winter

Winter gardening work

1. Before the onset of cold weather, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the garden: cut down damaged branches, remove moss, lichens from the trunk.

2. If you find a hollow in the tree, then it needs to be cleaned, and also not to forget about disinfection.

3. It should be remembered that many insects and pests can settle in the bark of trees for the winter, so even before the onset of cold weather, the trunks should be carefully treated with quicklime or simply painted.

4. Take care of the birds: build feeders and hang them in trees or other suitable places. This way you can accustom the birds to your garden and save you from hunger.

5. To protect trees from rodents, you should tie the bases with a matting or special sacking. Young seedlings need to close the plastic mesh, and sprinkle the top with earth.

Works in the garden in winter

1. It is necessary to clean the garden in winter periodically and also remove the snow.

2. Heavy snow can damage tree branches and bushes in the garden,therefore, gardeners recommend shaking off the snow. It should be done with great care, because the branches of trees and shrubs are very delicate.

3. With the onset of the first cold of roses, hibiscus, hydrangea and other shrubs must be carefully wrapped with agrofibre.

4. If you find a tree with a broken branch in your garden plot, this place should be treated with garden pitch.

5. The lack of snow can harm trees and shrubs, so you should rake up snow to the base of the trees with a small mound.

6. In winter, do not forget about lawn care. The most important rule is to reduce the load, i.e. on the lawn is better not to walk. Otherwise, with the onset of spring, you will find bald patches on it.

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