How to buy an apartment in Minsk?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
March 15, 2013
How to buy an apartment in Minsk?

The capital of Belarus - the hero-city of Minsk. Today, many dream to buy an apartment here and live in a clean and conducive city for life. Not everyone knows how to buy an apartment in Minsk, especially the citizens of Russia, although they have the same right to buy an apartment as others.

How to do it

Real estate in the capital of Belarus is much cheaper than in Moscow. To purchase it you will need: money, a passport of Belarus or Russia, an agreement to purchase real estate.

Think well over the pros and cons of your decision, weigh your financial resources well. And if you do decide to buy, then the real estate agency will be the first institution to which you need to contact. Choose an agency that has been working in the real estate market for a long time and already has credibility. This information you can give friends and acquaintances.

If the agency is already selected, it is recommended to call there. You must be connected with the realtor, the person who will be assigned to you until the transaction ends.When you meet with a realtor, you fill out a questionnaire in which write all your requirements for future housing. Later you will be offered options, and you will choose from them what suits you.

If you know Minsk well and you have relatives and friends here, then you have every chance to buy an apartment in Minsk without intermediaries. First select the area in which you would like to stay. The choice of apartments for sale is large. Buy exactly what you like, you have every chance. One square meter of living space in Minsk costs 1.3 thousand USD. Therefore, immediately calculate your capabilities. Make an appointment with the landlord to make sure that he is the landlord. Let him present you an identity card. Conclude an agreement in the presence of a lawyer. After that, you can transfer money and move to a new place of residence.


Suppose that in your plans for the near future - to buy a one-room apartment in Minsk. For it you will have to pay approximately 40 thousand USD. The cost depends on the area, home, floor and other factors. For a two-room apartment - about 60 thousand USD

To buy an apartment in Minsk is cheap, there is little chance.Although, Minsk residents have small salaries and supply several times higher than demand, apartment prices do not fall. Therefore, earn and save up, then your dreams will come true.

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