How to buy a good car

As with all purchases, you need to decide what you want. What do you needcar? If you are a novice driver, it is better to stop the choice on a not too expensive and large car. If you are a confident driver and you have enough driving experience, then for youcarThe new market is completely open, but do not forget the formula. How to choose a good new or supportedcar?
Before contacting a car dealership, find out about the brand of car you are interested in. How she proved herself in the market, how people respond to the quality and cost of service, the waiting time of the car after its order Many brands of cars have a very large consumer audience, and the queue for new cars can reach 24 months. And not everyone wants to wait so much time. Only true admirers of a certain brand or model agree to such terms.
In each of the car classes there are competitors.In order not to be mistaken, ask what is included in the standard equipment and what options are included in the package cars for an additional fee. Many dealers are silent about standard equipment, which ultimately leads to a very large and unjustifiable price due to additional options.
If you are going to get supportedcarlook for options oncarforums, in newspaper ads. When inspecting the car, pay attention to the build quality, do not spare money for diagnostics at the service station. Consult the special car shops that deal with the brand you are interested in, how things are with orders, cost and delivery time of spare parts.
What wouldcar�you have not acquired, the most important thing - take care of him. Over time, you yourself will notice that he can behave like a living person. Accordingly, the attitude he demands to himself as a living being.

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