How to build a new house in 2017

You will need
  • Building materials, building permit, house project.
Before starting construction, check the availability of documentation confirming that you are the owner of the building plot. The structure of these documents includes a cadastral plan, topographical survey of the site, evidence of registration of property rights.
Invite surveyors to conduct a geodesic survey, the results of which you will need when laying the foundation. Since, when choosing the type of foundation information is needed about the soil, the presence or absence of groundwater.
Obtain a building permit from the local government. This is a document that gives you the right, as the owner of the site, to build on it. The resolution is compiled in duplicate. One copy is transferred to the customer, the second remains in the Administration.
In the next step, prepare the project documentation.To do this, contact the design office or order a project from a construction company that will be engaged in the construction of yourat home. Typically, large firms have their own departments for the development of projects, sketches, interior designs and other necessary documents. This option is most convenient, since all the work from the project to the roof will be done in one place, which will save you time and money.
Do the preparatory work on the site itself. To do this, you will need to bring a construction company specialist to the place of future development, who will determine the availability of necessary things to start construction work, such as: water at the site and distance to the source, presence of a power source and the possibility of using it, is there a room for storing building materials , availability of roads for the delivery of materials and workers, the possibility of residence of builders.
Based on the prepared project, the company provides you with a construction estimate, which includes basic and additional work, as well as construction materials. Carefully read this document and make changes to it, if with some points you do not agree.
After agreeing on the calculations, make a convenient payment schedule for you, on the basis of which you will be gradually settling with the company. This document will be an annex to the construction contract, which must also be signed at this stage.
Once all documentation issues are resolved, builders can begin work. Check the progress of work and pay them in accordance with the schedule of payments.
Upon completion of all construction and finishing activities, accept the result from the builders by signing the certificate of completion and making the final payment for the construction of your newat home.

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