How to behave in the library?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
March 7, 2015
How to behave in the library?

A library is a cultural institution in which, first of all, silence is required. Usually already at school age are taught how to behave in the library. It is better to navigate the rules of conduct in the school library will help you our article Rules of conduct in school. The same rules will be identical for public libraries.

A small reminder of the rules of conduct in the library

These rules are known to everyone, but still recall:

  • At the entrance shall be outerwear, umbrellas, bags, bags;
  • with the library staff you need to talk in a low voice;
  • sharing the impression of reading with a friend is better not in the reading room, but outside it;
  • the sound on the mobile phone should be turned off;
  • If you choose books yourself, you must follow the order in which they are installed.

How not to behave in the library

Coming with a small child, making snacks in the reading room, talking loudly.

In each hall of the library you can find a memo about the rules of conduct in the library. In the reading room, for example, it is better to keep conversations to a minimum so as not to distract other visitors.

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