How to be examined before pregnancy

If you are planning to become pregnant in the near future, visit a gynecologist at least 3 months before the intended conception. In case of detection of any problems related to your health, you will have time to heal.
Tell your gynecologist about your desire to become a mother and about everything that causes concern. The specialist will conduct an examination, take all the necessary tests. Further, he will give certain recommendations and give directions for other doctors to undergo an examination, if necessary.
Be sure to take a blood test, as with the help of this study, you can identify the presence or absence of anti-insulin to various kinds of infections. The acquisition of immunity to rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus and herpes is of great importance during pregnancy. For example, if there are no antibodies to rubella in the blood, you will need to be given an appropriate vaccine, then wait 3 months, after which you can safely plan the pregnancy.
Be sure to visit the dentist.If you have caries or more serious problems with your teeth, go through the treatment at the planning stage. During pregnancy, it will be very difficult for you to do this, since the doctor will not be able to give you anesthesia. Most modern painkillers penetrate the placental barrier, so their use is considered unacceptable during the treatment of women in an "interesting position."
Before the onset of pregnancy, be sure to visit the office of fluorography, if you have not done this shortly before the planning of the baby. The result of fluorography is valid for 2 years. If the previous study expires, go through it again, as it is very undesirable during pregnancy. If there is no check mark in your medical record, you will not be able to choose the maternity hospital yourself.
In addition to the above specialists, visit a cardiologist. If you have problems with the work of certain organs and systems, be sure to make an appointment with a specialist. If the problem is serious, first go through a course of treatment, and then plan a pregnancy.

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