How to avoid conflict with relatives

To reduce the possibility of conflict with relatives, it is important to know what the main motives drive all family members. Without mutual understanding it is impossible to build a strong relationship. Talk to your loved ones more, spend time together. Otherwise, you will become completely strangers, and then clashes cannot be avoided.
Try not to act contrary to the interests of the family. Consider the needs of others and consider the feelings of relatives. Planning to do something, first think about how your activity will affect your family. If the question concerns them, be sure to consult with relatives. Making decisions together is the best strategy for those families who want to maintain good, strong relationships.
Control your negative emotions. It happens that a person at work and in front of friends keeps negative feelings under control, and in front of relatives he does not consider it necessary to save face and pours on them everything that has accumulated on the soul for the day. In no case do not break into relatives, they do not deserve it.
Be polite and helpful with your family members. Some people show keen interest and mastery of communication in front of colleagues and friends, and they do not consider it necessary to establish good relations with relatives. Those close also need to make compliments, gifts and other signs of attention, do not forget about it.
Do not allow yourself to start with a half-turn, if a conflict is brewing in your family. Your relatives are the same people. They may have their own problems at work, with health or just a bad mood. In such difficult times, someone must maintain composure to prevent the situation from escalating into a conflict. Therefore, it is important to have patience and treat the possible whims of relatives more condescendingly.
Take into account the individual characteristics of your family members. For example, older people need to be respected. Be patient with such relatives. Remember that they have certain life experiences and consider it necessary to share wisdom with you. It is not worth explaining to them that thanks to new technologies you have access to almost any information, that your generation has made a big step forward in development compared to the past. Just do not argue and thank the seniors for their advice and assistance.
In order to avoid conflict situations, do not confuse family relationships and financial issues. Shared business with relatives can destroy both relationships and business. It is also not necessary to borrow large amounts of money from relatives. Suddenly it turns out that you can not give them in time, it will cause a difficult situation.

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