How to apply lemon essential oil for hair

Properties of lemon essential oil
This oil contains many acids, so it is suitable for oily hair, in need of proper regulation of the sebaceous glands.
Lemon oil also contains a large amount of vitamins, so that it is suitable for strengthening weakened hair that grows slowly.
When curls are often harmful factors, lemon oil is also useful, because it contains several antioxidant substances.
Lemon oil application
This oil is often used to lighten curls and regulate the sebaceous glands.
Lemon Brightening Oil
Lubricate your hair with lemon oil, stay in the sun for an hour. After sunbathing, wash your hair, apply a moisturizing mask, as lemon oil combined with ultraviolet dries hair. Such a simple tool helps brighten the strands in a couple of tones.
Lemon oil for oily hair
Once a week, apply lemon oil to the hair roots, hold for five minutes. Rub it must be in a circular motion. After a five-minute massage you will need to wash your hair. In this way, you will reduce sebum secretion.

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