How to add a module to the site

Log into the admin panel in the standard way and expand the "Extensions" menu in the top toolbar to initiate the procedure for adding a new or copy of an existing module to yoursite. Call the "Module Manager" dialog box and use the "Create" button to perform the necessary operation. Create an add-on.moduleand open it by clicking on the line with the name.
Enter the desired value for the name of the modued to be created in the "Title" field and apply the check boxes in the "Show Title" and "Enabled" fields Specify the desired position of the component placement in the drop-down menu of the “Position” line and remember that this parameter allows the creation of a non-set value. Select the required accessibility settings for the created module for visitorssiteand in the drop-down menu of the “Access” field, or use the option of automatic default configuration by selecting the “Select all menu items” command.
Once again, open the "Extensions" menu in the top toolbar of the application window and invoke the "Plugin Manager" tool. Expand the utility menu and select Content - Load Module. Expand createdmoduleLeft-click on its name bar. Expand the "Parameters" dialog in the right pane of the manager window. Apply the checkbox in the "Enable plugin" field and select the "No border" item in the drop-down directory of the "Style" line. Save your changes by clicking the “Save” button in the top toolbar of the utility window.
Go to the page to add the created module, and paste the loadposition value of the saved_name_of the created_module to the desired location of the component. Make sure that a link that does not have an itemid that defines the selected menu item is not used and do not use pages related solely to content - links to other materials, links from categories. The ability to assign a module to the selected village is directly related to the existence of itemid!

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