How does the turbine work?

Now often heard about the so-called "turbo engines." Some are afraid to put them, some, on the contrary, believe that the more of them in the car, the better. What is the essence of these turbines? How does the turbine work? Should I put a turbo engine? All this you will now know.

Principle of operation of the turbine

The greater the volume of cylinders in an engine, the greater its power, even non-enthusiastic motorists know this. Also, the engine power is affected by the quality of the fuel that burns in it. The turbine also serves as a so-called catalyst, it is needed to increase the fuel supply. The engine is designed so that the more fuel it burns, the more air the engine needs. That's it for this and created this "piece of iron" in the form of a snail.

The principle of operation of the turbine is that it is driven in rotation with the help of gases produced by the engine, its rotation reaches up to 234 thousand revolutions per minute. The more revolutions, the more air, the more air, the faster the combustion, the faster the combustion, the faster the speed of the machine.For comparison, the maximum speed in an average car is from 8 to 9 thousand.

How does a turbine work in a sports car?

In the sports cars participating in official races, for example, like "Naskar", there are also turbines, but they are far different from those that are put in regular cars. They do not differ in appearance, although there is an external difference, they differ in the structure and ability to push air through. How does the turbine in the car? Why do you think they race so fast on the track? The answer is that forty percent of the power of these machines depends on the turbines built into them. The principle of operation is the same as in conventional cars, that is, a sports car, or rather its turbines, are not very different from ordinary cars that we used to see on city roads.

Turbine operation

  • Careful care of the turbine to avoid any cracks.
  • Frequent replacement of oil filtration systems.
  • You also can not drive long at high speeds, the turbine may simply overheat, and then I do not envy you.

For lovers of quiet, measured life, it is undesirable to put the turbine in the car.Basically, they put amateurs drive or people who like the sound of the engine and fast driving. The turbine is good because at the expense of it you can quickly pick up speed. But at the same time, it is possible to single out a minus: in Russia, where speed is, there are accidents, in 87% of accidents there was a turbine on the machines.

By the way, the turbine can be put not one, but two. Then the power of your car will increase at times. But when the engine stops, the shaft begins to suffer greatly, since when the engine stops, the oil supply stops, and then the shaft continues to operate for a very short time without lubrication, that is, it is erased.

Also in the turbine air filter is very important. If you do not follow it, do not change it in a timely manner, then dust will get into the engine, and this greatly reduces the service life of the engine. Turbine can be put absolutely on any machine. Some even put them on the already powerful machines. If you are a mother or father and decided to buy a car for your child, you should not take a car with a turbo system. After all, most likely, this is the first car, for example, your son, that is, he has no experience as such. And imagine what will happen if a person with no driving experience (driving school is not an experience) will drive the car, which has 300-400 horsepower under the hood.I think the outcome here is clear, to no good, this clearly will not lead.

Turbo mode is especially dangerous in winter. It is necessary to slightly press the pedal, as the turbine turns on, and in winter it is icy, so it can bring in so much that it does not seem like it. And again, not a very pleasant outcome. If you still bought a car with a turbine and realized that this is not for you, then the turbine can be easily removed in any service station, and then, if desired, put back. True, this operation is not too cheap, but still possible.

Pluses of the turbine

  • The speed that the turbine gives the engine of the machine, and not the usual, and sometimes frightening, reaching very large numbers.
  • The fascinating sound of a turbine, some crazy about it.
  • The ability to show off the guys in front of the girls with their cool car, that is, for the view.

Cons of the turbine

  • Gasoline you will fly away at the speed of sound. You will spend a lot of money on fuel.
  • Chances of getting into an accident or knocking someone increase.
  • Fines for speeding some can torture, because if the turbine is, then according to the rules you will rarely ride.
  • Not every friend with the rights you can put behind the wheel, so he drove you drunk home.If a friend has a car with no turbine and he got behind yours, then it’s not a fact that he will immediately get used to drastic changes in speed.
  • Some people do not like the rumble of turbines, even if it is not so loud, but again, fines are issued for violation of the sound mode in the city.
  • Prepare money for oil filters and other engine parts.

On the whole, it turns out that there are a lot more minuses than pluses. Why do drivers like these turbines so much? Just to each his own. If you like the speed and roar of the engine, then the turbine is just for you.

By choosing a car should always be approached with very great care, responsibility, I can even say painstaking. Especially, if you decide to equip your vehicle with turbines (or they already exist), special attention should be paid to the minuses of the turbines. After all, not only the condition of your vehicle, but also your life and health may depend on them.

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