How not to frost in the winter

Frostbite occurs as a result of vasospasm and reduced blood supply in certain parts of the body. The body tries to save vital organs, which do not include the nose or fingers, transferring all the heat there. Therefore, in the cold season, you will have to worry about your safety. Remember that you can not frost, not only in winter. High winds, high humidity and temperatures around zero, which are often in spring and autumn, are also dangerous.
Movement is life. The longer you stay in a static posture in winter, the higher your chances of frostbite. The situation will be aggravated if your posture is also uncomfortable: for example, you crouch at the bus stop waiting for transport, and your leg is numb. Therefore, as if you were not lazy, move. Walk, dance, squat and jump, jerk and rub your hands. Constantly in motion, and the cold will not be you terrible.
In winter, do not be fond of wearing clothes tight to the body. Such models can reduce blood flow, which will also contribute to hypothermia. It is better to give preference to slightly free things that do not crush the skin, but at the same time reliably protect you from the piercing wind.
While on the street, try to cover the largest possible surface of the body with clothes. Pull the cap over the forehead and ears, lift the scarf so that it reaches your nose. Such measures will help you keep warm.
Do not go out in the cold season of the house in wet clothes. If you spilled something on yourself, do not be lazy to spend a few minutes and change clothes. Otherwise, the risk of frostbite will be extremely high.
Going for a walk through the snowy city, you are not always on the street. If you feel that you are starting to freeze, go to the store and look at the display cases until you feel that you are warm and can continue on. It is also useful to spend some time in a cafe over a cup of hot tea or coffee - this will serve as an excellent prevention of frostbite. But alcohol, contrary to popular belief, is not recommended.It only creates the appearance of heat. In fact, the use of alcohol leads to a spasm of blood vessels, which, in turn, contributes to hypothermia.
If you feel that your hands or nose are cold, do not rub them with snow. Try to find a place where you can hold the affected part of the body under warm water.

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