How is the installation of interior doors

It is not a secret for anyone: to buy an interior door is only half the battle, it is important to correctly install it in the doorway. Installation is a crucial stage, to which only experienced craftsmen are allowed, it is not recommended to install the door with your own hands, otherwise it may malfunction and quickly become unusable.

Installation work involves several steps:

  • Dismantling the old structure (if any);
  • Opening preparation;
  • Assembling the door frame;
  • Assembling the assembled box into the opening;
  • Interior door adjustment (leveling).

Dismantling work is performed if an old structure is in the opening. It is carefully removed by removing the cement mortar and sawing racks. Then the scrap and the mount are used, after which all the out-of-date materials are taken out of the working area.

The assembly of the door frame begins. All elements are laid out on the floor in the form in which they will be installed.At the same time, the direction of opening the sash is necessarily taken into account - there should be no mistake. The upper crossbar of the box is connected to the racks (by means of nails or self-tapping screws), then the sheds are mounted.

When the box is ready, it is placed in the interior opening, pre-fixing the wedges. The bottom edge of the rack should coincide with the floor level (taking into account the floor covering). Next, achieve exactly the horizontal and vertical position of the box (measure the position of the building level). Even a small deviation from the level can lead to a malfunction of the structure.

Loop stand door box attached to the wall with screws, and then proceed to hanging the canvas. Then put the rack with the strike plate lock. It is important that there are identical gaps between the sash and frame along the entire perimeter. In addition, at the final stage of installation, they make sure again and again that the diagonal dimensions completely coincide. Only after this, the design is finally fixed in the opening.

Key events completed. It remains only to attach the threshold to the floor, if any, in the kit. Also, special plugs are covered by mounting holes in the box.Finally, cashiers and accessories are installed.

The installation process of the interior door is completed by adjusting the web and checking the correct functioning of the whole structure, as well as individual elements.

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