How is papillomavirus transmitted

Papillomavirus - a disease that causes the human papilloma virus - HPV. Such a benign tumor develops on the skin and mucous membranes, while its structure is endowed with vessels and connective tissue, covered with epithelium. The epithelium bulges above the surface of the skin in the form of a papilla, in the form resembling cauliflower. Papilloma can be painted in any color, both white and dirty brown, affecting the skin under the armpits, on the neck, under the breasts, on the eyelids, as well as on the mucous surfaces of the genital organs, mouth, nose, pharynx .
Ways of transmission of papillomavirus are different. Most often, for the infection to penetrate into the layer of the epithelium, its direct contact with mucous surfaces and skin is necessary. If you have had unprotected sexual contact with a sick person, you can become infected with the papillomavirus. The risk of infection increases several times if you have practiced anal and oral sex.The situation is aggravated if you or your partner had microtraumas on the skin.
A version of the domestic route of infection is being put forward, when the virus can penetrate the skin through household items, but at present it has not been confirmed. There are frequent cases of diagnosing infection in newborns who were born both in the usual way and as a result of cesarean section surgery. Therefore, if you get HPV during pregnancy, you can pass it on to your baby through the birth canal and the placenta, although the latter cases are quite rare.
Airborne transmission is also not excluded, because medicine has documented cases of infection of workers who performed operations on sick people and carriers of the papilloma virus. If you have been diagnosed with this disease, then it is not possible to say exactly how the infection occurred, because the virus can “live” in the body for a long time without showing itself, but under the influence of factors that reduce immunity, it can activate and multiply. causing the appearance of characteristic growths on the skin.
Papillomavirus is dangerous because it can eventually lead to the transformation of atypical cells into cancer cells.Women are in the greatest risk group, about 10% of those infected develop cervical cancer. Therefore, you need to visit the gynecologist every six months, even if nothing bothers you.

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