How interesting to teach a lesson for preschoolers

A developmental activity, one way or another connected with the study of the names, functions of objects and grouping them by any single attribute, can be carried out in a variety of ways, using a variety of auxiliary materials. Most often for this purpose cards, books and three-dimensional figures (dummies) are used.

Each of the above benefits has its drawbacks and advantages: illustrated printed publications and cards are relatively cheap, accessible, take up little space in the apartment.

interesting lesson

an interesting lesson

But they have a weak connection with real objects. Therefore, a child who has poorly developed abstract thinking will hardly remember the purpose and the names of the painted objects; moreover, having met them in real life, he may simply not recognize an object;

three-dimensional figures (models) are more expensive, less accessible.But the kid, who will play with this benefit, quickly learns all the information about the items presented in it. It is known that in children, tactile sensations stimulate the work of many centers of the brain, so the opportunity to feel the educational material is very important. You can use thematic sets of children's toys as a development tool, and even better - to make at least some objects with your own hands, because children learn even in the manufacturing process, they will learn a lot about what they have to do.

We We offer to conduct exciting educational activities for children of 3-4 years old with the use of various size boxes and small children's toys. Such classes can pursue several goals:

To develop touch, tactile perception, the ability to analyze data obtained by touching the fingers.

Examine new subjects, selected on certain topics, learn their name and purpose.

Learn how to combine the proposed subjects into one large group, highlight a common feature, eliminate unnecessary.

All classes will be held in the form of a game and, apart from good, will bring great pleasure and lots of fun minutes both to the child, and adults.So let's get started:

  • Look for a medium-sized casket with a lid.
    What is in the box?

    What is in the box?

  • Together with the baby, we select several toys that can fit in the box.
     fairytale theme for lessons

    fairytale theme for lessons

  • In the box we fold the small toys that are matched with the baby .

Without looking, with eyes closed, we get one of them and try to guess who it was that got caught. So until the end of the toys in the box. For the first classes, it is better to pick up toys that are different in texture, with some characteristic features. Subsequently, the game becomes more complicated: we put the toys in the box without the knowledge of the baby, so that he does not know exactly what objects in it are and what they look like. Instead of a box you can use an opaque bag, then you don’t need to close your eyes - the name of the toy is pronounced out loud before the hand is pulled out of the bag.

  • The second version of the game is a themed box.We make a box (or basket) with items of a certain subject (for example, kitchen utensils from a set of dollware).
     theme ware

    theme ware

    With a baby We get items from the box, calling and telling their functions. In the end, we sum up - we repeat to which group these items belong. Then you can do this exercise with closed eyes.

  • The third option: put in the box objects from one group and a few extra. We offer the child to get those things that belong to a given group or subject. For example, everything that will be needed for tea. Unnecessary things left in the box. So we fix the sorting skills.
     theme breakfast for classes

    theme breakfast for classes

  • A more difficult task: in the casket we put toys from one group (for example, animals) and a few extra ones. We offer to perform sorting with closed eyes. This fun lesson will appeal to any kid.

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