How do horses mate?

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How do horses mate?

Horse breeding has long considered the question of how horses mate and how to breed the most thoroughbred horses. Let's look at the different types of insemination and mating in horses.

Natural insemination

Mating of horses in the natural environment occurs after the mare is in heat. It all begins with sniffing mace's feces and urine. Thanks to this, the stallion understands when the mare begins a period of hunting. Also, the mare shows itself in every way, especially if she is unfamiliar: she walks in small steps, arches her neck. Horses sniff genitals. Then the stallion tries the first set on the mare. If she pushes him away with his hooves, the stallion temporarily leaves her alone, but always keeps in sight until a new attempt.

Artificial insemination

How do horses mate by artificial insemination? This usually happens on a special breeding facility where the stallion is located. Also, the stallion’s sperm is frozen, stored for a long time and transported over long distances.Mare semen injected artificially. Insemination in this way is becoming increasingly popular. Also, artificial insemination is the most secure, as it reduces the risk of injury during sexual intercourse and eliminates the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.


The case of mares is associated with sexual cycles. Usually they pass several times a year. The duration and frequency depends on the individual characteristics of the mare and the external climatic conditions. There are deadlines for mass horse breeding from March 15 to August 1, but it is advised to carry out the mating in early spring. It is believed that foals born during this period grow and develop better. Puberty in mares and stallions begins at the age of 1 to 2 years, respectively, mares can be allowed to mate only after the general development of the body has ended. During the onset of sexual desire, the mare is ready for fertilization. There comes a moment when she lets the stallion close to her and is able to conceive.

Types of mating:

  1. Manual mating - during the hunting period, mating is carried out with a stallion in a specially enclosed area, for example, in an arena.Before the mating, they put a harness on the mare so that it does not hit the stallion. In order to avoid damage to the penis mare tail tape.
  2. Kosyachny mating is used in herd horse breeding. In the pasture, a group of mares is released, which are previously divided into 20-25 heads, and one stallion, who himself finds a mare. When mowing mare stallion contained in the joint.
  3. Cocktail - also used for herd breeding. However, if the stallion constantly covers the same mare, then as a result she is not allowed to cook the next day. There is a clear control over the stallion of the wings of different mares, and not the same one. After mating with one or two mares, the stallion is placed in a stable, and the herd is released on pasture. With this method of conception, the chance of the birth of thoroughbred horses is very high.

You can also watch a video on how horses mate.

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