How have the stars of the series "Happy Together"

We recall one of the most popular sitcoms in our country and tell how the fate of the actors who played the main roles in it.

The comedy series about the Bukin family and their neighbors, which became an adaptation of the American tape “Married ... With Children”, we watched for seven years: from 2006 to 2013. During this time, the main characters managed to quarrel a hundred times with each other and make peace as many times, and openly show the audience the life of an ordinary seller of shoes from Yekaterinburg, his unemployed wife and two teenage children, with whom something always happens ...

Natalia Bochkareva

Natalia Bochkareva in the series "Happy Together"
Photo: Shot from the series
...and now

Initially, Evelina Blödance was invited to the role of the wife of the protagonist Gena Bukin Dashi. But at the last moment, the directors considered it too popular for the project and were then replaced by aspiring actress Natalia Bochkareva. And this is despite the fact that at the time of filming she was only 26 years old! That is, she was only five years older than actress Daria Sagalova, who became her serial daughter.At that time, Natalia was often asked if she felt uncomfortable playing the role of a 40-year-old woman. But Bochkareva confessed that her image was not at all embarrassing, and to the comments of viewers that she looks older than her real age, she is philosophical.

After the end of “Happy Together,” the actress immediately changed her image: she repainted into a brunette and began to be published exclusively in discreet images. No more screaming makeup with blue eyes and orange lips, short tops and flowered skirts! Also, it should be noted that Natalya, having stepped out of the role, became very thin and immediately rejuvenated.

But here in the film career, unfortunately, Bochkareva has not yet received bright roles, mainly playing minor characters. But the celebrity is a frequent guest of entertaining talk shows and social events.

It is also known that at present she is divorced and is raised by her ex-husband, lawyer Nikolai Borisov, 11-year-old son Ivan, and 10-year-old daughter Maria.

Victor Loginov

Victor Loginov in the series “Happy together”
...and now
Photo: Vadim Tarakanov /

Viktor Loginov, like Natalya Bochkareva, was not very well known to a wide audience before the filming of Happy Together.But after the premiere of the project immediately became the star of the comedy genre and one of the most recognizable artists in our country. It is also interesting that the character of Gena Bukin gave him a good start in his career. And right away. Thus, in parallel, Loginov took part in other television series (“Univer”, “Club”, “Baby” and others), and also tried on the role of presenter. Such programs as “Intuition” and “Eat and lose weight” turned out to be especially successful with him.

After the end of the famous sitcom, Victor immediately changed the image. He let go of his beard, cut his hair and began to appear only in stylish clothes. In general, there was absolutely nothing left of the seller of shoes. But with all this, the actor for some time still participated exclusively in comedies, only this year he managed to get the main role in the drama series “Chernov”.

On personal life Loginov prefers not to spread. All that is known is that in his 43 years he has divorced three times and is also a father of many children. He has a 24-year-old daughter, Alexander, from his first wife, a 16-year-old son, Dmitry, from a second wife, a 12-year-old son, Alexander, and a 7-year-old son, Ivan, from a third.

Daria Sagalova

Daria Sagalova in the series "Happy Together"
Photo: Shot from the series
...and now

Daria Sagalova in the TV series “Happy Together” played the daughter of the main characters Sveta Bukin. And this role brought her dizzying success and the title of the sexiest woman in Russia according to Maxim magazine. However, it was not surprising. In each series of the sitcom, the actress showed a perfect figure, appearing before the audience only in mini-dresses with a deep neckline. With this situation, after the end of the series, many predicted to the girl the main roles in the best films of our country. But this has not happened yet. To date, Sagalova has starred only in nine films and everywhere in minor roles. But Daria found herself dancing and even opened her own school in Moscow.

In the personal life of a celebrity, too, everything is fine. Since 2011, she has been married to a man who has nothing to do with show business, and also brings up two daughters from him - 7-year-old Elizabeth and three-year-old Stephanie.

In general, Sagalova leads a rather closed lifestyle: she does not attend social events and rarely gives interviews.

Alexander Yakin

Alexander Yakin in the series “Happy together”
Photo: Shot from the series
...and now
Photo: Vadim Tarakanov /

At the time of the filming of “Happy Together”, Alexander Yakin was only 16. And, most interestingly, the role of the son of the main characters Roma Bukin was not the first for him. Prior to that, he managed to play in the episodes of six films, so he was well acquainted with the acting profession. In addition, in parallel, Yakin studied at GITIS and planned to improve in the film industry. And he did it. Since 2012, Alexander began to play in the Theater of Nations, and also received a major role in the TV series "Eighties". Also, it can be seen in the TV series "Fizruk." True, nothing is known about his film works at the moment. But it is likely that he will still surprise his fans.

Speaking of fans. Claim the role of the wife of Alexander Yakin is not worth it. More recently, he has been married to his classmate, actress Anna Zaitseva.

Julia Zakharova

Julia Zakharova in the series "Happy Together"
Photo: Shot from the series
...and now
Photo: @ejikikungfu

Julia Zakharova in the series “Happy Together” played the Buk's neighbor, Lena Poleno. The film crew said that the actress often improvised on the set and was one of the most daring actresses.However, after the end of the project, she no longer starred in movies and TV shows. So now Zakharov is more perceived as a theater actress.

About her personal life, too, little is known. There is information that she was in actual marriage with a Moscow director, whose name was not disclosed, and also met with singer Alexander Doronin. Interview Julia does not give. But, judging by her microblog, she currently has no family and children.

Pavel Savinkov

Pavel Savinkov in the series "Happy Together"
Photo: Shot from the series
...and now
Photo: @_pavel_savinkov_

Pavel Savinkov was remembered by the audience for the role of Tolik Poleno, the husband-Alfonso of the neighbor of Bukinah Lena. And his character was one of the funniest in “Happy Together”. After the project, the actor appeared in 19 more TV shows, including such famous ones as “Lavrova’s Method” with Svetlana Khodchenkova, “Shuttle Girls” with Maria Poroshyna and Svetlana Ivanova, “Hornet’s Nest” with Maria Kulikova and many others. However, everywhere Savinkov played only minor roles. Apparently, the main he has yet to come! In addition, coming out of the role of Tolik, he is very prettier.

As for his personal life, he is currently happily married to actress Alexandra Streltsina. The couple has a two-year-old daughter, Sim.

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