How has the gorgeous blonde from the movie "Crocodile Dundee"

Dazzling Sue Charlton with magnificent seductive forms against the backdrop of wild Australian nature as if fired through the hearts of millions of men.

Extremely beautiful polka only in one of this exciting episode gained truly world fame. The starring role of charming journalist Sue Charlton in Peter Fayman’s comedy film “Dundee Crocodile” opened her way to Hollywood.

It so happened that already on the set Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski sang to each other with fiery and passionate love. And the audience with affection watched the development of further events, which eventually ended in marriage. The family life of the actors lasted 24 years, and then the actors suddenly decided to disperse, having agreed to bring up their son, Chance, together.

Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film

The reasons for the divorce were unclear: it may be that the former wife of Hogan Noeleen Edwards contributed to the breakdown in the relationship between Linda and Paul, in the care of which he left five children who had been married. The indefatigable Noeleen has annoyed the star couple all her life, having badly ruined her nerves.

It is possible that Linda Kozlowski was just tired of such attacks and decided that it was time to put an end to this. Although, in our opinion, there were other reasons for a divorce. For example, over the years, Paul Hogan was noticeably getting older, and Linda seemed to be experiencing a second youth and only became more attractive. Even now, in her 60s, she is sexy and seductive. By the way, Linda is not upset about her creative career at all. In 2001, she decided to part with a great movie. In her opinion, acting in ordinary films is only more expensive.

Proud and beautiful polka remained true to its principle: never go on about the directors. And if everything is tired, give up the handle in parting, nice to smile and enjoy life, in which there is always a lot of charms.

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