How best to invest in a bank

Choosing the right bank is one of the most important steps to creating your own financial system. Sberbank has the most extensive network of ATMs and branches in the country, Alfa-Bank will save time because of the small number of queues and convenient online system. VTB offers favorable credit conditions and high interest rates on deposits.
Having decided on the bank, you can proceed to the analysis of proposals for deposits. They can be divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term storage. Depending on the duration, the interest rate also varies: the longer the term, the higher the percentage. On the other hand, be careful about the terms of the contract - if you invest money for three or five years, all interest may burn if you take the money before the end of the deposit term.
Investment instruments differ in their profitability and risk level. You can make a contribution not only in rubles, but also in currency, precious metals, bonds.In the bank, you can buy shares or put money on the brokerage management. Each of the tools has its pros and cons. Thus, a deposit in dollars or euros will allow you to play on the appreciation rate, save on inflation; but banks offer low interest rates of just up to 5% per annum. Broker management will allow you to earn up to 10% per month, but there is also the probability of losing a significant amount of investment.
To sign a deposit agreement you will need a passport, in rare cases - TIN. Carefully read the conditions for the possibility of depositing your account. Some banks allow you to dilute the amount of the contribution of new injections, others impose a veto on this operation. In the first interest is reinvested (working "compound interest").
If you consider a bank not as a means of saving money from inflation and a way of earning, but you want to protect your savings from robbers, you can use the “safe deposit box” service. It is suitable for storage of valuable documents, jewelry, antiques.
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The highest interest rates are offered by small banks in order to attract new investors.Usually they have a small network of branches and ATMs - it will be difficult to use their money. In addition, the risks on deposits exceed the difference of 0.5% -1% between reliable and young banks.

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